Yelp broadcasts new options for providers companies, together with customized search filters, a brand new assessment stream and themed advertisements

On Tuesday, Yelp announced new features for service companies and the users who might search for them, including custom search filters, a new review flow, themed ads, and project cost guides.

Custom search filters for services. New search filters for service requests allow users to filter for fast-reacting companies, companies that offer virtual consultations, or companies that specialize in a particular type of work or repair.

Yelp’s new custom search filters for a flooring search query. Image: Yelp.

These filters can be found for services such as moving companies, plumbers, HVAC, auto repair, roofers, real estate agents, house cleaners, painters, electricians, landscaping, pest control and flooring.

Themed ads. Yelp is introducing a new feature for service companies that serve search ads. Themed ads highlight aspects of a company that differentiate it from its competitors.

AdsThe new themed ads from Yelp. Image: Yelp.

Current topics include highlighting “quick-reacting” companies that respond to Request-A-Quote projects within two hours and companies that have special offers. Companies are selected to appear in themed ads based on their unique offering and the type of jobs they specialize in. There are no additional costs to highlight in thematic ads, and Yelp plans to roll out more themes over time.

Generate more reviews for service companies. When customers submit a project using Yelp’s request for a quote, the platform now uses the submitted information to encourage users to write reviews. To begin with, Yelp prompts the user with a series of questions to start the review writing process (as shown below).

AnnouncesYelps new evaluation process for service companies. Image: Yelp.

New project cost guidelines. Yelp Project Cost Guides provide information and tips on what hiring an expert for a specific project can involve. Each guide includes a pop-up form (“Get personal offers from top professionals”) where project details can be entered to receive offers from service providers, as well as a list of nearby companies in the sector with reviews.

BusinessesAn example of a Yelp project expense guide.

The guides also provide estimated costs based on Yelp data from millions of Request-A-Quote projects. However, the fine print states, “Cost estimates are aggregated for informational purposes only and may not reflect the nature of your specific needs,” which can limit their usefulness to users.

There are cost guides for services in the following categories: Home Services, Onsite Services, Automotive, Event Planning & Services, Pets, Professional Services, Financial Services, Hotels and Recreation, Shopping, and specific cost guides for specific services in many major cities.

Why we care. Custom search filters for services can help users save time by showing them the companies that specialize in what they are looking for.

Themed ads can provide more visibility to businesses that fall under any of the themes offered by Yelp. Additionally, Companies featured in “quick response” themed ads saw their cost per lead decrease nearly 10%, according to data from Yelp’s early experiments.

Reviews are critical to most local businesses – according to a 2020 BrightLocal study, 87% of consumers look at automotive company reviews, 86% look at repairs, and 82% check plumbing and HVAC. Yelp’s new review flow can help reduce the friction of writing reviews, which in turn can help local service companies improve their visibility on Yelp.

Some of these features are unique to Yelp, which can differentiate it as a review platform for users – at least in terms of local service companies – and help it continue to compete with Google and other review platforms.

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