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Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR): price updates, current developments, community, future events

  • The price of Hedera Hashgraph has increased by 10% compared to the last day in the course of new network developments.
  • The launch of the “Yamgo App,” which offers rewards to users in HBAR, and the partnership with NHS UK for vaccine storage and distribution are just some of the recent developments for the network.
  • Hedera Hashgraph will perform at the Smart Contract Summit as the community continues their monthly Community Town Hall.
  • Hedera Hashgraph has been described as the Internet’s trust layer, tailor-made for creating powerful dApps without the speed and scalability barriers.

At press time, Hedera Hashgraph’s native token, HBAR, is trading at $ 0.1964, up 10.84% ​​over the past 24 hours. The asset is on an ascending trajectory and it seems like HBAR is unstoppable by the team’s relentless revelations of new developments for its community.

Recent developments

The Hedera Hashgraph team has unveiled Yamgo, an app that allows users to earn crypto rewards. The app is built on the Hedera Hashgraph protocol and offers users rewards for completing certain tasks like setting up an account, watching videos, playing games, etc.

The app also has features like free, random, daily rewards, and classifying users based on the number of completed tasks they have on their behalf. Yamgo goes even further by allowing users to make transfers and purchases using HBAR.

Hedera Hashgraph has found a wide variety of use cases that have resulted in impressive partnerships. One area that has resulted in a multitude of partnerships is the healthcare sector, with the most recent partnerships being with Everyware and the National Health Service, also known as the NHS.

As part of the partnership, Hedera Hashgraph will work with Everyware Ltd. Collaborate to track digital assets to work on the storage and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

The functions of Hedera Hashgraph and Everyware will help the NHS store vaccines at the optimal temperature and monitor the distribution of vaccines over the last mile.

Future events

Hedera Hashgraph will perform at this year’s Smart Contract Summit, which will take place August 5-7. The virtual event, also known as Smart Con, will host industry leaders from DeFi, NFT and the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph, Mance Harmon will be billed as the speaker at the event.

On July 19, the co-founders of Hedera Hashgraph, Mance Harmon and Dr. Leemon Baird performing at the monthly Community Town Hall.

The co-founders will be there live to answer any questions from community members, and registration for the event is already pending.

On the downside

  • The lack of technological improvements at Hedera Hashgraph in recent weeks could slow the development of the network.
  • Despite impressive capabilities, the network still has a long way to go before joining the leading suite of cryptocurrencies.


The Hedera Hashgraph community is one of the most active communities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The community has a fan base of 116,000 on Twitter and the monthly town hall meetings are an indicator of the high activity in the community.

Currently, Hedera Hashgraph is trading at $ 0.1964 and its trading volume is up 69.78% on the last day to $ 328 million.

With a market capitalization of $ 1.7 billion, Hedera controls 0.13% of the market share and ranks 48th among all cryptocurrencies. There is a circulating supply of 8,950,828,018 HBAR while the maximum supply is 50 billion HBAR.


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