WhatsApp Provides Choice to Pace Up Voice Message Playback


Here is a quick one that might be useful for those who use voice messages to communicate – and long voice messages in particular. Today WhatsApp added new options to control the variable playback speed for audio responses.

It’s pretty simple – now when you get a voice message you can play it at normal 1x speed or you tend to be a little more chipmunk-style voices by setting the playback to 1.5x or even 2, Rotate 0 times normal speed.

Which, as many have noticed, the alternative messaging app Telegram has been allowing its users since 2018.

Telegram and another messaging app, Signal, have gained momentum in recent months due to the controversial update to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, which will allow some data from user transactions with companies on WhatsApp to be shared with parent company Facebook.

Many users have misinterpreted this in such a way that Facebook can access their WhatsApp messages or other personal information which is incorrect. But while WhatsApp has been working to clear this up and make sure people understand what is actually changing, many have vowed to switch to alternative platforms instead to avoid Facebook gaining any further insights into them.

Partly, this is why Telegram users point out that they have had this feature for years. The update was first released on the WhatsApp desktop last week, but has now also been rolled out to all users on iOS and Android.

So a new option for speed listeners that could be helpful when people send you lengthy messages or maybe read their work-in-progress novel or something like that. Once you’ve changed your speed setting, it will stay that way until you change it again.

The update is available in the latest WhatsApp version.

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