Twitter Removes Stay Stream Visitors Possibility in Order to Enhance Broadcast High quality

Here’s a relatively small change, but it will affect some users. Today, Twitter announced it was removing the option for Video Live Stream Guests, which would allow users to only add audio guests to their live stream broadcasts.

Starting today, we’re removing the option to invite guests when you go live so we can improve the quality of your video broadcast. ????

Your viewers can still interact with you through chat and hearts.

– Twitter support (@TwitterSupport) October 5, 2021

As you can see from the original tweet on this chain, Twitter rolled out the feature last March, helping to meet the growing interest in live stream connections. Although Twitter’s audio guest option fell far short of the functions of other apps at the start.

At that time, Zoom started out as a live meeting platform that allowed multiple video attendees to attend at the same time, while Instagram and Facebook both also offer streaming broadcasts with video guests (although it’s worth noting that Facebook discontinued that option in late 2019, before bringing back because of the pandemic ).

That meant people already had plenty of options for a live broadcast with full video functionality, and as such, the Twitter audio guest option may just not have caught on and was not demand-driven, which is why Twitter removed it.

I mean, I’m assuming the usage was relatively low, otherwise Twitter would keep it – but as Twitter notes, the main reason we removed the Live Guest option is because it allows Twitter to better improve the quality of video playback it lasted Focus on time.

Interestingly, Facebook just announced a new option for gaming streamers to stream with friends just today, which underscores the demand for this type of interaction – so there’s a clear interest in the video connection. Just no video connection with audio, or at least not enough to outweigh the server requirements which would allow for better video quality.

Again, it’s probably not a huge loss, and if you want audio guests, you now have Twitter Spaces to fill that void. And you can still stream, on Twitter or anywhere else, taking into account all the different usage options. You just can’t have audio invitees tapping into your Twitter streams.

This can mean a shift in focus or planning, but the impact is likely to be minimal.

According to Twitter, the update should take effect from today.

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