Twitter Opens Nominations for ‘Better of Tweets’ Advert Marketing campaign Awards for 2021

Did you run great campaigns on Twitter in 2021?

If so, then you might be interested in an award as Twitter is again holding its “Best of Tweets” competition to crown the best brand tweets of the year.

As explained by Twitter:

“Twitter’s best of tweets is our hall of fame, our GOAT, ours crowning success for the brands who have used Twitter creatively this year to bring something new to market or connect like no other with what’s happening. And we want to hear from you, does your brand deserve to be crowned a winner?

The awards are designed to recognize the best tweet campaigns in a number of categories, with last year’s event recognizing campaigns from Gatorade, Uber, Ben & Jerry’s, and more.

There is no physical award or prize as such, but you will receive the additional recognition and funding as part of the event.

To be nominated, you need to sum up your campaign in a few sentences and then explain why it should be crowned one of the best. Which can be harder than it sounds, but by looking at last year’s awards you can probably get an idea of ​​what Twitter’s judges are doing in terms of impact, reach, etc.

Twitter has been hosting its annual campaign awards since 2016 when it actually split each item into its own specific category.

The best tweets

That might give you a better idea of ​​what types of campaigns Twitter is trying to highlight, although the 2020 hiatus forced a change in approach and it’s not 100% clear how Twitter will judge the winners this time around.

However, if you have a campaign that targets these elements, even if you just add a “Winner – Best Twitter Campaigns 2020” note to your website, it may be worth making a nomination.

Brands can nominate their campaigns here, with the nomination ending on October 12th (so it’s best to start moving).

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