TikTok Launches New ‘CommunityTok’ Promotional Push to Spotlight Subculture Engagement within the App

TikTok has started a new pitch for marketing spend by promoting what is known as “CommunityToks,” which aims to highlight the platform’s ability to facilitate and encourage community engagement on specific topics and niches.

As detailed in the video, CommunityToks focuses on how TikTok helps drive niche engagement and how companies can use the same process to maximize their advertising and branding efforts.

And as TikTok becomes a bigger part of popular culture, those efforts can play a huge role in helping your brand better align with the latest changes.

Essentially, TikTok is trying to make advertisers more attractive by highlighting those sub-networks within the app that may be better suited to specific products and services. This works both to highlight opportunities and to reduce the broader intimidation factor when creating TikTok content. You might not have a good idea for a clever TikTok clip, but if your brand fits into these subsets, you might start to see things from a different perspective, less about the content itself and more about the connection and learning more about it, how these users want to grapple with any topic.

The general advice on content stays the same, however – if you want to connect with the TikTok community, you need to speak their language and create clips that are geared towards user trends and engagement.

Respect and respect the CommunityTok’s methods of figuring out which one best fits your brand. Observe and observe what is important to each and every CommunityTok and immerse yourself in the content to understand how it can express itself in unique ways.

TikTok also recommends that brands should listen to and actively participate in each community’s focus trends, including popular sounds and effects, while also trying to work with established creators in these segments to maximize their reach and resonance within each community .

And when done right, the payoff can be substantial:

TikTok CommunityTok statistics

TikTok now also has up to a billion users, on par with Instagram, and with studies also showing it is the network of choice for a younger audience, these CommunityToks might be worth exploring and getting a better grasp of get the latest trends.

Perhaps you should do a few hashtag searches on the app to see what you find. TikTok’s growth is set to continue in 2022, and as its e-commerce tools evolve, the possibilities in the app increase.

For those who can get it right. This requires time, investments in learning about the platform and coordination with relevant communities.

And maybe you will find a way into the platform via CommunityTok that you have not thought of before.

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