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By Jack M. Germain

April 28, 2021, 6:15 a.m. PT

TrovaPage, a new global open internet marketplace, helps developers and other entrepreneurs focus on marketing without compromising their creativity.

Co-founder Jingming Li announced the launch of the market on Tuesday, although the website has been open to entrepreneurs in the creative industry for several months.

TrovaPage has no up-front set-up costs and offers a complete e-commerce platform that entrepreneurs can use to build, market and bill for services. User businesses range from yoga and guitar lessons to small restaurants, personalized astrology, and nonprofits.

The creative economy has grown in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Advances in internet and cloud computing technologies make it easier for people to market and monetize their skills and passions through online platforms, Li said.

TrovaPage is different from other marketing platforms and standalone commercial website building platforms, Li said. Its target users are creators who are typically small shopkeepers, people who have home businesses, sideline jobs, and other professional skills that they run a business on want to build.

“They typically don’t have a lot of resources to build sophisticated websites or apps that are digital commerce ready. Nor can they spend a lot of money hiring SEO and marketing consultants to drive traffic to their sites,” said he of the E-Commerce Times.

Different approach meets the needs of the creator

The market for e-commerce solutions for selling products is competitive and mature. However, it has failed to come up with a comprehensive and holistic solution for developers who want to easily build, market, and monetize their own business.

Current solutions such as websites to find the best local businesses or online marketplaces for freelance services are either too expensive or do not have the functionality required. This is the problem TrovaPage wants to solve.

Trying to get a handle on all of the custom CRM, social media, billing, and billing solutions required to run a business is out of reach for most small businesses and developers. Instead, they strive to effectively build, control, and monetize their brands as they seek to maintain strong and lasting relationships with their customers. explained Li.

With simple and intuitive clicks, with no code required, developers can turn their ideas, hobbies and expertise into real businesses on this marketplace platform. TrovaPage is the first trading platform for the creator economy, he added.

Li, a former vice president and CTO of AliPay, created TrovaPage to address this issue. He spent seven years at Alibaba, AliPay and Ant Financial. During this time, AliPay went from being a budding startup to a global fintech powerhouse, and AliCloud became Asia’s largest cloud service. TrovaPage co-founder Ann Sun was the director of AliPay merchant technology and international product.

“For most developers, building your own website using commercial tools like Shopify or Wix is ​​too expensive and risky, so most small business websites these days are simply static information pages,” he said.

CRM without the complexity

Most of the existing marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, Yelp, Groupon, and Fiverr use a listings / reviews approach that usually requires small businesses to have their own websites, physical location and pay expensive advertising fees, Li explained. It all does difficult to measure return on investment and there is no reliable measure to validate the authenticity of the reviews.

“They don’t provide a mechanism for small businesses to build lasting relationships with customers,” Li said.

TrovaPage is a vertically integrated and global marketplace platform. It offers an autonomous digital shop in a virtual mall, as well as all the necessary technology tools as in-shop utilities to speed up and run the business, he explained.

TrovaPage includes cross-platform networks with real-time communication capabilities that can be used to build a customer base instead of taking word of mouth offline. Creators can ensure their businesses are discovered through direct engagement and, in turn, can better understand their customers to deliver superior experiences.

“TrovaPage will improve the playing field for small businesses and developers so they can play and win on a global scale,” predicted Li.

How TrovaPage works

Users follow a two-step process to create their digital marketplace. First, they give a description of their business. They then upload photos and videos that highlight their products and services.

To improve marketing efforts, TrovaPage makes it easy for creators by creators to instantly activate existing websites and social media pages for e-commerce by linking them to TrovaPage’s digital shopping cart via simple plugins. The creator platform also enables offline shops to accept online orders and payments via QR codes.

Interactive live streaming channels allow developers and small businesses to capture their creativity. You can reach out directly to their users, market them and sell them.

With a further function, dealers from manufacturers can chat live with potential and existing customers. This ability makes it easy to maintain connections with customers through community updates.

Other CRM tasks include automated and curated recommendations to drive the growth and overall success of businesses. This also applies to the option of sending invoices to customers immediately and accepting payments from customers with a valid email address.

TrovaPage helped Harish Negi, owner and president of Deedee’s Restaurant, overcome the restrictions the pandemic placed on his company’s business.

“When Covid came we were hit hard because we had to stop eating indoors. With TrovaPage we were able to quickly establish an online presence and take orders and payments direct from our customers,” Negi told the E-Commerce Times.

Using TrovaPage has reduced costs by eliminating the middlemen. It also helped Negi better understand customers and tailor the menu to the specific tastes of the community, he explained.

Lack of service, physical delivery

TrovaPage does not provide direct logistics services for developers, Li said. However, there are many logistics solutions.

After all, many logistics services can be part of the originators’ ecosystems in an organic way. However, digital products can be delivered directly through TrovaPage.

Li sees the creative economy as the natural progress of small business. As the Internet continues to lift boundaries and restrictions, more people can use technology platforms like TrovaPage to become creators, add value to communities, and get reimbursed for their services.

“Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have shown early successes and helped nurture a new class of content creators. 95 percent of creators are not paid, however. People shouldn’t just have Uber and DoorDash as a means of generating alternative income.” “said Li.

Availability and costs

TrovaPage is available now for anyone looking to start building a brand and monetizing their business. All service fees were waived for the first six months to make it easier for developers to get started in their company.

The company charges a fee for every completed transaction that originates from This includes credit card processing fees. The standard fee is based on either commissions for just 10 percent of sales or a monthly subscription starting at $ 19.99, depending on the size and type of business, Li said.

“We understand that the small business environment is difficult [for creators]especially during the pandemic; We want to strengthen its success by providing the ideal technology platform and pricing to minimize your risk, “Li said.

TrovaPage, a Delaware company, is headquartered in San Francisco.

Jack M. Germain has been a reporter for the ECT News Network since 2003. His main focus is corporate IT, Linux and open source technologies. He is a well-respected reviewer of Linux distributions and other open source software. Jack also deals extensively with business technology and data protection issues, as well as developments in e-commerce and consumer electronics. Email to Jack.

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