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Good morning marketers, with the full rollout of the July 2021 core update, we’re all looking for answers.

Some frequently asked questions I get frequently after an update are, “What does this update do and how do I improve my website for this particular update?” The truth is, when it comes to these major core updates, the answer is that there just isn’t a single thing to focus on. We are human, we want a quick, easy and direct approach to solving our problems. The same goes for our SEO problems. But this is no longer 2002 and Google updates are much more sophisticated than they were in the old days.

Back then, you could say that an algorithm update was targeting spam links, poor quality content, burner sites, or a specific link network, etc. But Google is more advanced now and core updates are no longer focused on just one thing.

My advice? Be wary of various theories about what a particular core update was about. It’s not about one thing – it’s about dozens of things that you need to improve on your website. If you need help here, check out our top update advice story. But it’s probably more dangerous to walk down the rabbit hole, focus on one thing, and lose focus on the bigger picture: making your website better for your users.

Barry Schwartz,
Realistic SEO specialist

Removed AMP debugging from Search Console

Google moved some of the AMP debugging out of the Google Search Console and straight into the AMP page experience tool. Specifically, if you go to the Google Search Console page experience report and then access a specific AMP url that you want to debug, you will find that Google links you to the AMP page experience tool for further analysis.

“This new functionality will make it easier for you to respond to performance issues reported by Search Console,” said Google. I’m not sure if this is easier for you or easier for Google to manage. So just a quick warning that this report has been postponed.

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GoDaddy stores integrated into the Google Merchant Center

After announcing the integration with Shopify on the I / O, Google also promised easy connections to Square, Woocommerce, and GoDaddy. The latest integration with GoDaddy was officially launched today.

“We welcome the customers of the GoDaddy online shop to integrate their product inventory more easily with Google without additional costs. This means that GoDaddy retailers can now be discovered with just a few clicks in search, shopping, image search and on YouTube. With this integration, GoDaddy retailers can upload their products to Google, create free listings and advertising campaigns, and review performance metrics – all without leaving GoDaddy’s online store, ”announced Google.

Why we care. This integration is likely to help SMBs and smaller retailers the most. Many put their inventory online last year when the pandemic forced many companies to switch to an online strategy. By integrating Google, they can reach an even wider audience to sell their products and services.

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New guidelines for job postings and direct application markup from Google

Google announced a new structured data property for job postings and updated its editorial guidelines for job postings in Google Search. “Today we are announcing a new structured data property and a new editorial content policy,” the company said.

New guidelines. The new guidelines from Google aim to improve the quality of the results of the job postings in Google Search. The new guidelines “provide guidance on obtrusive text and images, excessive and distracting ads, or content that does not add value to the job posting.” Google will also look at basic grammar rules as part of these guidelines.

Apply markup directly. Google has added a new property for direct applications to the structured data of the job posting. This property gives websites an optional way to share content if your job posting offers a direct application directly from Google search. In short, it makes the application process for your job posting faster and easier, possibly via Google search.

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Local rankings and core updates. Google’s Danny Sullivan said that the core Google updates don’t really affect local rankings. So if you’ve seen local ranking changes this isn’t specific to the core update.

mother tongue. Google searches try to find a single primary language per page, said Google’s John Mueller. So keep in mind that this may not be the best idea for Google, nor the best idea for your users, if you want to use mixed languages ​​on a single page.

Dan Bell RIP. We lost another young soul in the search marketing community, his name is Dan Bell. A tribute was posted here by his colleagues and friends in the search industry.

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