The Sleeping Advert Big That Is TikTok | Social Media Advertising and marketing


By Jack M. Germain

8/9/2021 5:00 AM PT

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Brands are looking for new and eye-catching ways to keep their ads relevant in the ongoing surge in online shopping. With marketers looking for every possible scenario to fuel consumer excitement for digital offerings, social media – including TikTok – could offer marketers one of their best options.

The TikTok social media outlet could be the key to advertisers’ prayer, says Dariya Smailova, senior digital media buyer manager at Vendo, a company that helps Fortune 500 and emerging consumer brands succeed on Amazon.

The platform had a reported 689 million active users worldwide in January 2021. The TikTok app is opened an average of eight times a day. These viewers spend an average of 52 minutes a day watching user-generated videos featuring all kinds of human behaviors, challenges, and entertaining performances.

For e-commerce companies seriously considering a new source of brand awareness and customer acquisition, TikTok can be an unbeatable advertising investment, noted Smailova. The platform enables e-commerce brands to remain visible and present in the ever-vigilant customer lifestyle.

“It’s unique when compared to other social media options. Its biggest advantage is the ability to put all users on the same playing field regardless of followers and account lifespan, using key strategies to successfully set up your account and content, “she told the Ecommerce Times.

Constant product finds

TikTok is very important to ecommerce businesses right now. It’s the biggest platform and the trendiest platform covering purchasing power, she noted.

Big brands like Amazon and Walmart are seeing a big boost in sales from TikTok. Users are constantly sharing what they see with each other.

For example, the Walmart Finds hashtag currently has over a billion views. At the same time, the hashtag Amazon Finds has more than 11 billion views.

The nature of the TikTok platform is very interesting because not only do people share creative constants in different musical content or dance challenges, but it is also a micro-learning platform, observed Smailova.

“People also share very short videos on how to do certain things like do-it-yourself projects or makeup. This is how ecommerce brands can take advantage of the format and actually benefit from it, ”she added.

The aspect of sharing uploaded content is a major contributor to the widespread use of Tiktok’s popularity. This is partly due to TikTok’s unique upload process. It enables users to reuse other users’ videos and contributes to easier and faster viral distribution of content.

Why advertise on TikTok?

The uniqueness of TikTok makes up a large part of its potential as an advertising platform. Three factors make TikTok so popular, and according to Charles King, Principal Analyst at Pund-IT, it enables it to attract large crowds of viewers to see ads.

“First and foremost, it’s the users. Over half of them are reportedly teenagers up to 29 years of age. This is a primary target audience for advertisers as many people in this age group are sensitive to current / emerging trends, ”he told E-Commerce Times.

Second, TikTok videos live or die of visual and verbal cleverness, he continued. Since boring content is not enough, it can be difficult or impossible for conventional advertisers to manage the platform.

“But innovative agencies and voices will be able to use it to their advantage and that of their clients,” said King.

After all, TikTok is an effective mechanism for developing new influencers and celebrities, King observed. People and agencies can often use it to address very specific demographic and geographic target groups.

“Google, Facebook and other advertising platforms are using algorithms to achieve this goal, but with often mixed results,” he said.

No one-size-fits-all strategy

TikTok fits into an advertising strategy that works well with Amazon-familiar buyers, suggested Mike Frekey, advertising manager at the marketing platform company Perch. As a primarily Amazon seller, Perch views advertising efficiency a little differently than DTC brands on websites.

“In addition to profitability, we look at inbound traffic conversion rates and how that affects our organic rankings. TikTok, like most high-demand ad sources, does a much more difficult job of finding people who are not actively involved in the purchase.” Mindset and convince them to convert, “he told the E-Commerce Times.

Some brands are built for this, but most Amazon brands need to be aware of the pitfalls display ads can have with organic ranks. Perch is interested in the larger influencer space as a growth engine, and TikTok is doing well in that, he offered.

“The key to TikTok’s success as an Amazon acquisition ad platform will be its ability to target audiences who are in the market / likely to convert,” said Frekey.

Ad targeting advantage

According to Smailova, the primary viewers on TikTok are millennials or potential buyers aged 25 to 40.

That audience is growing rapidly and includes Generation Zers, which is becoming the top video producers, she said.

“So TikTok has all the eyes and ears of one of the largest groups of buyers,” she stated.

TikTok allows ads to be targeted to views based on three categories: age, geographic location, and gender, she added.

How it works

Smailova recommends creating unique videos to get the product message across. In contrast to other social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook, TikTok only allows short video sequences.

As an advertising agency, Vendo uses the platform to create different types of ads for mobile traffic for its customers. It also produces lead generation videos.

The trick is to produce videos that don’t look like a user upload. In this case, when it is not obvious that the promotional video is an advertisement, a banner is displayed indicating it.

“For your ad content, I would recommend using videos that don’t look like that at first [entertainment] Videos. For example, use videos where the founder talks about the product to make it feel more natural, native, and also feel like advertising, “said Smailova.

Level the playing field

TikTok is unique in that it encourages users to spend more time on the platform. This draws more attention to more ads for a longer duration.

Things like dance challenges encourage users to participate. Another unique feature is the video-only platform. It only supports very short videos up to 10 seconds. Instagram and Facebook are also outlets for photos.

Similar to how Instagram started, TikTok uses hashtags to flag content so that users are already familiar with this approach. The upload system also differs in that it allows other users to reuse video content. This makes it easier for videos to go viral much faster.

TikTok maintains a large video library and offers advanced editing and production tools like filters. This gives advertisers a head start in producing eye-catching content.

These features, intended for users to enhance their videos, also allow smaller businesses to create engaging video content without hiring a professional production company, noted Smailova.

Jack M. Germain has been a reporter for the ECT News Network since 2003. His focus is on corporate IT, Linux and open source technologies. He is an esteemed reviewer of Linux distributions and other open source software. Jack also deals extensively with business technology and data protection issues, as well as developments in e-commerce and consumer electronics. Email to Jack.

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