The Get Wealthy Slowly file vault

A new Get Rich Slowly subscriber emailed me yesterday to alert me of two issues.

  • First, all of the free resources I share on Google Drive have magically switched from public to private.
  • Second, the automated new reader email sequence is broken (meaning people won’t get the cashier’s manifest).

Correcting the email sequence takes some work. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort to get it working again, but while poking around in there I might as well get a pass to revise it. The information and examples are five years old. (In the meantime, the latest version of The Money Boss Manifesto can be downloaded here.)

However, correcting the shared documents on Google Drive was easy. They should be publicly available again. Please let me know if you aren’t.

The Get Rich Slow File Vault

This seems like a good time to remind readers the Get Rich Slowly file vault exists.

The GRS file vault contains a whole bunch of free resources that I have accumulated over the years. Some of these resources are mine, but most of them come from other people. Everything in the file vault is free and legal to share.

What cool stuff can you find in the Get Rich Slowly file vault? Here is some of what is currently available.

The Get Rich Slowly file vault also contains a handful of “GRS Originals,” documents I’ve created over the years to share with various audiences. These include:

  • The Money Boss Manifesto, the 87-page e-book that summarizes the approach and philosophy of Get Rich Slowly. This is the same information that you can find in different articles on this website. It’s also kind of a working draft for my Audible course.
  • The Money Boss Method, which is a one-sided version of the GRS approach and philosophy. It’s basically an outline of the modern approach to financial freedom.
  • The hundred-word poster that I created in 2013 in collaboration with my friend Lisa. This is a short list of guidelines to help me live a happier life. Other people wanted a copy so I added it to the file vault.
  • A one-page PDF with an exercise to help you create it Your personal mission statement.
  • For my article on the six stages of financial freedom, I shared a picture that sums up the path from financial dependency to financial abundance. I created by popular demand a PDF version of this roadmap.

I would like help with the Get Rich Slowly file vault.

If you know of any other free resources that should be added to the GRS file vault, please let me know. And if you notice any problems – if you can’t access the files – drop me a message. My goal is to make this a fun and useful collection of things for people to search through.

future plans

After Kim and I solved our uncertain future, now that we’ve moved to Corvallis, unpacked and started settling into our new life, I find that I have the time and motivation again to post here at Get Rich Slowly.

But I don’t want to set expectations too high! I’m not in a headspace where I want to publish 3000 word articles on deep topics. Instead, I wanted to pursue three different aspects of the site.

  • First, I want to spend most of my time and energy creating an online personal finance textbook that I envision. This would essentially be an organized collection of the most important and useful articles on this site, and it would really be organized like a textbook. For example, I could take all of the many debt reduction articles I have written over the years and combine them into a single, definitive article on the road to debt settlement.
  • Second, I want to create a library of personal financial resources. I have dozens of book reviews on this website but no organized way to view them. I don’t do a lot of personal financial product reviews, but I would love to do more. (Or more precisely, to have my business partner Tom take care of it.) And so on.
  • Finally, I want most of my “new” articles (as opposed to the “old” revised pieces for the “textbook”) to be short summaries of interesting stories I find on the internet. Amazon manipulates its search results? Shocking! What makes a job useful? Thoughts About Striving for Childhood Joy? Those are all things that might be of interest to GRS readers that don’t deserve 3000 word articles, you know?

Anyway, I hesitate to share these plans knowing I have had a poor track record of actually getting my intentions through lately. (So, I don’t have to remember, haha.) But when I think of what I want to do with Get Rich Slowly, these are the primary sales opportunities I am aiming for.

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