The Finest Electronic mail Advertising Templates for Businesses


Offering email marketing services is a great way Increase your sales for your agency.

However, the longer you spend creating every email for your customers, the lower your profit margin. Using templates is key to optimizing your email marketing services so that you can create customer emails faster and earn more from email services.

Let’s take a look at the email marketing templates that are most likely to get used over and over, no matter what industry your customers are in.

E-mail templates that agencies should always have on the go

Although your customers’ needs may vary, there are certain emails that almost every business needs to send to their customers: welcome emails, email newsletters, and promotional emails.

So it’s a good idea to have at least one customizable template in rotation for each of these email types. Let’s take a look at some of the email templates in our Responsive template library.

Welcome email template

Welcome emails are a definite best practice for all businesses. Not only do they have impressive open and click rates, but they too 74% of all consumers Say it expect a welcome email after registration.

Ideally a Welcome email template is short and to the point, so readers can quickly get the promised benefit for the subscription. Therefore we recommend a Template like this, with a heading, a short body of text, and a clear CTA button:

Email newsletter template

Regular emails will help build trust with your list and keep brands in mind for their subscribers. For this reason, a newsletter is a standard type of email for all businesses.

To achieve these goals, brand consistency in email newsletters is critical. We therefore recommend using Newsletter templates which offer many possibilities to adapt the design to the brand.

For example, this email newsletter template provides a prominent place for a brand logo, emphasis on brand colors, and the ability to use a brand font:

cm email newsletter template

Sales email template

Regardless of what industry your customers are in, they need to regularly check out their email list for sales. An email template geared towards conversions is ideal here.

We recommend the following a Best practice design and with on inverted pyramid design in your Sales email templates. This design structure intentionally draws readers’ attention to a single call-to-action at the end of the email, which increases the likelihood that they will take the action.

For example that Offer an email template uses a wide heading, followed by a slightly narrower body of text, and then ends with the narrowest section at the bottom: a CTA button.

cm sales email template

Customer journey templates

Customer journey templates are also important in maximizing the time you spend delivering email marketing services to your customers. Customer journeys use email automation to send emails around the clock based on subscriber actions rather than manual scheduling.

This means that even after setting up a customer journey, your customers can still benefit from the advantages of email marketing for years – without any further effort on your part.

In addition, automated emails perform better than standard emails, with 86% higher average open rates and 196% higher average click rates.

Let’s take a look at some of the popular agency customer journey templates.

Journey to reintegration

Reengagement journeys include emails the purpose of which is to trick non-engaged subscribers into rereading your emails or, if they don’t, delete them from your list so that they can use your email marketing metrics do not falsify. For this reason, using a re-engagement trip is critical to getting great results for your customers.

For example that Email from Other Goose warns readers who are in danger of being struck off the list and encourages them to click a button to re-engage and stay on the list:

Reengagement email template

Feedback trip

Feedback trips are usually triggered when a customer makes a purchase. The purpose of a customer feedback journey is to encourage customers to leave a review or review for the company.

Since all companies are selling something, collecting feedback will almost certainly be part of their customer experience strategy.

For example, Marc Weldon sends this feedback email to customers:

Feedback email template

Promotional trip

Promotion journeys are triggered when your customer advertises an upcoming introduction, e.g. B. a new product, special offer, new offer or an upcoming event.

Promotional trips are intended to arouse anticipation of the market launch and boost sales. They’re usually sent to your client’s entire list, but sometimes they are only sent to a relevant segment.

For example, Relaxed sent this promotional email to highlight an upcoming event with a call to “register now”:

Promotional email template

Wrap up

Agencies looking to streamline their email marketing services should incorporate templates into their process to save time.

Whether you serve e-commerce, B2B, or non-profit customers, there are different types of emails and customer journeys that you can count on on behalf of your customers (e.g., welcome emails, e -Mail newsletters and sales emails).

Save time (and increase profit margins) by creating email and customer journey templates for these types of emails that you can use over and over again for multiple customers.

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