Spherical Hill founder Josh Gruss establishes Berklee School scholarship fund with $1m Present


Round Hill CEO Josh Gruss founded the Josh Gruss / Round Hill Music Endowed Scholarship Fund with a $ 1 million donation to Berklee College.

Berklee Honorary Members include names like Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, Doug Morris, Julio Iglesias, and more.

The fund will provide financial and academic support to students studying music business and management.

In addition to being the CEO, Chairman, and Founder of Round Hill Music, Gruss is an alumnus of Berklee College of Music and a trustee of Berklee.

Gruss has a background in finance having worked in investment banking at Bear Stearns & Co. before starting his own private investment firm Gruss & Co. in New York City.

Gruss’ experience in the music industry includes positions at Sony Music, Atlantic Records and the Live Music division of Clear Channel.

Gruss is the first Berklee alumni to list a company on the London Stock Exchange with Round Hill Music’s IPO in November 2020.

Gruss attended Berklee on campus from 1995 to 1998 to study the guitar and music business, and has since taken over a dozen Berklee online courses.

Gruss has been a trustee of Berklee for seven years, where “his influence and leadership have helped usher Berklee into a new era of success,” according to a Round Hill Music press release.

During that time, Gruss helped develop a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that allows students to test Berklee and its educational institutions for free.

While Gruss hires a number of Berklee alumni and student interns at Round Hill Music annually, he also helped build Berklee’s partnership with the Rimon School of Music, a program that allows students to begin their music education at Rimon in Israel a bachelor’s degree from Berklee in Boston.

The Josh Gruss / Round Hill Music Endowed Scholarship Fund will annually provide financial assistance to several students pursue music business and management degrees.

The fund seeks to support students from underrepresented groups who are financially and academically deserving and is selected on a committee basis.

“Josh has always been a staunch advocate of [Berklee’s] Department of Music Industry / Management. “

Tonya Butler, Berklee

Tonya Butler, Berklee Music Industry / Management Chairwoman, said, “Josh has always been a staunch advocate of the music industry / management department and music business education in general.

“My collaboration with him on the Copyright and Revenue Streams for Musicians MOOC course and this incredibly generous gift are just two of many examples of how much he cares about our students and is willing to devote his time and money to helping them see successful. “

“Diversity and equality are core values ​​at Round Hill.”

Josh greetings

Josh Gruss added, “After everything Berklee has done for me to grow as a musician and music businessman, it’s exciting to be able to give back.

“Diversity and equality are core values ​​at Round Hill, and so it is wonderful that the Round Hill Scholarship is helping underrepresented students get funding to come to Berklee.”

In July, Round Hill’s listed UK fund raised $ 86.5 million through a new equity placement.

That number slightly exceeded the minimum target of $ 50 million increase.Music business worldwide

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