Social Media Emails Executed Proper ( Embed Social Posts and Occasions)


Did you know that seen social platforms an increase of 1.3 million users every day in 2020? And the number of active email users in 2023 is expected to reach 4.3 billion.

Now look at the results when you combine the two.

When you’re online, you can’t ignore either social media or Email Marketing. Both are essential to your entire digital marketing strategy.

Both offer a sense of transparency, make your audience more personal, and provide an incredible way to make it easier to connect with.

This article will help you embed all the popular social platforms in your email and get a double benefit.

Here’s how to embed social media in your email

It is clear how useful it can be Optimize both your email and your social media Marketing.

Synchronizing these two platforms will help you:

  • Build a deep trust with your customers
  • Extend the reach of your campaigns
  • Recognize the supporters of the industry
  • Increase the number of subscribers on their Email list
  • Encourage your target community to subscribe to your social channels
  • Promote content to social media followers and email subscribers at the same time

You can also add social media posts to it. embed Email campaigns will save yours Marketing team Tons of time. As a result, it helps them to focus only on more productive tasks that require full attention and lose weight overworked team members.

When you let these two platforms work together they make a powerful couple.

Read on to learn the best practices for embedding various social media posts in your email marketing newsletters.

1. Embed LinkedIn posts

Most sales people Use LinkedIn to find social media.

However, you cannot embed LinkedIn posts directly in your email. You will need to use a third-party email tool to do this.

2. Embed tweets

Embedding Tweets in your email is easy.

Some third-party apps require you to go to the Twitter feed and find the tweet you want to embed. Then you have to click on the down arrow in the top right corner and select the option “Copy link to tweet”.

You need to embed the tweet in yours Newsletter builder with the HTML code or an intuitive builder. The process depends entirely on the email automation software you are using.

Benchmark Email makes the process even easier. And the good news for marketers? The platform is completely free for up to 250 emails / month.

You don’t have to copy and paste anything into your HTML.

You only have to Integrate your Twitter account with Benchmark Emailwhich you can do right from the “Integration” option on your dashboard.

Or you can find a Twitter integration template under your email templates section.

The template specially developed for Twitter will help you embed your live Twitter account. It picks up your five most recent tweets to automatically promote them in an email newsletter.

Here’s a quick look at your Tweets embedded in your email design:

Along with the tweets, it also integrates your Twitter profile – so that your email subscribers follow you directly via email on Twitter.

Embedding is a great way to send a tweet as well Increase your social media followers at the same time. Since the embedded tweets are clickable, it’s also easy to redirect your subscribers to your account.

3. Embed Facebook posts and events

With more than 2.5 billion active monthly users, Facebook is according to various. the undisputed market leader in social media platforms Social media statistics and study. Marketers who rely on social media platforms use Facebook Pages to increase their subscriber base.

Benchmark Email allows you to embed posts and events from your Facebook Page in your email, just like you did with your Tweets.

You can find a ready-to-use email template that connect to your Facebook account and extract the current event to automatically embed it in your email.

Here is a quick example of your Facebook event page synced with your email:

You can even customize it to your liking and better align it with the theme and voice of your brand.

4. Embed Instagram posts

Syncing Instagram with emails is one of the most effective strategies to get more followers on your Instagram account. And all you need is a quick copy and paste.

To embed them, go to and find the post that you want to embed in yours Email newsletter.

Next, click the menu icon in the top right corner of the post, and finally click the “Embed” option from the drop-down menu.

The image below is from a post by Chris godfrey (@world_record_egg).


Next, go to your email editor and add the copied “embed code” to successfully embed your post in your email newsletter.

5. Embed Pinterest Pins

Embedding Pinterest Pins is similar to embedding Instagram posts.

All you have to do is go to Pinterest and choose the Pin that you want to embed. Then copy the URL of the pin from your browser’s address bar.

Navigate to your newsletter builder and enter the copied URL into the appropriate block (depending on the campaign builder you are using).

6. Embed a YouTube video

YouTube is that too second largest search engine worldwide and accounts for over three billion monthly searches.

You can avoid classics Error in Youtube Marketing by streamlining your process with your email, which can work wonders for your brand.

While you can’t embed your full video directly in an email, you can share a link to direct followers to the video. The video can even be played as a YouTube preview within the email.

To do this, copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into the email. Now your email will show a video player for the video when the recipient opens it.

If you’re using Benchmark Email, you can upload your YouTube video to your video gallery or embed a video from YouTube in your email. Click here to learn more.

Social Media Email Strategies

Do you spend countless hours investing a large part of your budget in content?

If so, great! But it’s also important to know how to Distribute content correctly to collect the traffic or leads you want.

Understanding different strategies for disseminating content will ensure that every blog post, infographic, social media post, or email campaign you develop reaches the right audience.

Here are the best social media email strategies you can implement:

1. Add customer stories and examples

Include customer stories and examples that show the passion, challenges, and successes they experienced in achieving their goals.

Everyone The customer’s unique journey can help you inspire and inform your other existing and potential customers.

They can also demonstrate how a particular product is used in an actual setting, which also works as reliable word of mouth.

Stories like these give your prospects a “taste” of what your brand is all about, thereby increasing sales opportunities.

The picture below is an example from Masterclass, an online educational platform:


The story of the students who got the chance of a lifetime by purchasing a Masterclass course triggers an emotional response.

This is a great email to send when your subscriber is about to purchase a product. Dates and images that support the story become even more compelling.

2. Add social sharing buttons

Adding social sharing buttons in your email is a surefire way to increase exposure as well Subscriber tariff for your email and social media content.

Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media buttons. After that, the buttons you add will depend on your content and audience.

You should also add YouTube and Instagram share buttons if your content is more visual.

3. Create a social CTA

Adding a CTA to social channels in your newsletter confirmation email is a great way to build your social following.

Just make sure Add eye-catching CTA buttons and stick with buttons instead of links.

One study found that using a button-based CTA improved the brand’s click-through rate by 28% link-based CTA.

4. Run a socially specific email campaign

Run a campaign to explicitly promote your social networks and the benefits of the channels you offer. It can force people subscribe to your email and grow your email and social media followers exponentially.

Just make sure you share a link in every email campaign that goes back to your social profiles. This makes it easy for your subscribers to find and follow you.

Most brands place their social share links in the email footer to ensure consistency between campaigns.

If you look at the email footer in the example below, retail book brand Waterstones added links to its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels.


The brand even invites subscribers to “binge watch” its YouTube channel, successfully drawing the attention of its readers to its YouTube videos.

Also, notice how Waterstones used social media logos to link to their accounts. It eliminates the clutter and makes your content more visual. Since the logos are recognized around the world, it works.

Professional type: When running your social email campaign, consider Email Marketing Services to automate your campaigns. It will make things easier to manage. You can also send personalized and targeted bulk emails, manage your contact list, divide users into groups, and track campaign performance with ease.

Are you ready to combine social media with email?

Now that you know how to properly create social media emails, it is up to you to implement them into yours Lead generation and email marketing campaigns.

Undoubtedly, you can use social media and email marketing tools separately to run your campaigns effectively. But combining them and working together would create a great force.

While email can help you connect personally to your list of subscribers, social media platforms offer significant reach, visibility, and real-time communication.


Mark Quadros is a SaaS content specialist. He’s featured on Foundr, Monday, CoSchedule, and more.

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