Snapchat Shares New Insights into How Associates Join within the App [Infographic]


Snapchat shared some new insights on how it helps people keep connecting with friends, in line with International Friendship Day celebrated this Friday, July 30th.

According to Snap:

Real friends have always had an important place in the lives of Snapchatters, and they’re ready to make up for lost time this summer as the world returns to a sense of normalcy. “

Connecting real friends has become the main focus of Snapchat, which has helped open up a more specific niche within the social media landscape, with an emphasis on keeping smaller groups interacting as opposed to broadcasting to the world.

This has shown that Snap usage continues to grow, fueling activities of more intimate interactions:

“Almost 3 out of 4 Snapchatters talk to their friends about their everyday life via the app. 77% of Snapchatters use more Snapchat functions than a year ago and almost half agree that communication is more fun with Bitmojis. “

This is an important element to consider in the Snap experience, especially for marketers – Snap users want to stay connected with smaller groups and with more specific interests.

To find out more about this, Snapchat took a look at some key connection trends.

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