Snapchat Presents New Adverts Certification Recognition by way of its Snap Focus Schooling Platform


Snapchat offers social media marketers a new way to showcase their knowledge of Snap Ads with an official certification, now available through its educational platform, Snap Focus.

As explained by Snapchat:

“This new certification, Snapchat Ads Manager Campaign Activation, takes you to the next level with lessons on developing full-funnel media plans, generating audience insights, and enabling cross-channel measurements. Complete the exercises to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and workflows needed to plan, create and launch successful campaigns on Snapchat. “

The certification comprises five key elements, each with its own overview and lesson plan:

  • Achieve full funnel results with Snapchat
  • Win bids in the auction
  • Reach your audience
  • Activate cross-channel measurement
  • Start a split test campaign

Snap Focus courses

Each course lasts around 30 minutes, and there is a final exam and survey element at the end.

When you complete all of that you will receive your own Snapchat certification badge which you can then add to your personal profile as another marker of your industry knowledge.

Launched last June, Snap Focus offers a range of courses on the various Snap advertising options and tools, including overviews, visual summaries, and tests to validate your knowledge. The new certification path adds another element to the process that can help maximize your insights for professional benefit.

But even if you don’t opt ​​for a full certification, you can always take the Snap Focus courses to learn about specific platform elements or options and to improve your understanding.

Snap Focus courses are free and you can sign up here using your Snapchat credentials.

It could be another way to differentiate yourself from the competition – and as more companies want to add digital marketing expertise, it can be worth taking the time to read the process.

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