Snapchat Launches New Advert Marketing campaign to Maximize its Progress Momentum


Based on its strong performance in the second quarter, which added 13 million more daily users and achieved a record result, Snapchat is launching a new global advertising campaign aimed at maximizing its momentum and driving more usage.

As you can see, the new campaign aims to highlight the constantly evolving AR capabilities of the app in order to get more users to try the app.

As explained by Snapchat:

“Open your Snapchat is an invitation to consumers and advertisers to fully immerse themselves in AR, Unlocks hundreds of custom experiences localized for each market. The campaign will cover posters, buses, websites and everything in between in numerous major cities around the world. “

The “Open Your Snapchat” campaign will run in various markets around the world, starting with the US, UK and Mexico, before expanding to India, a key growth region for the app.

“The campaign will include massive OOH and digital placements that include Snapcodes and show off hundreds of custom creatives and AR lenses that are largely specific to each city. Major cities include Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Mumbai, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Orlando, and Tampa. “

AR has long been Snapchat’s key lure to attract more users as its Viral Lenses is causing more and more people to download the app and explore its face modification tools. And while many other apps have since joined the AR effects trend, Snap is still seeing significant momentum with its AR options, even during the rise of TikTok as many TikTok users are actually creating clips with Snap Lenses and using them then upload to TikTok instead.

That then gets more people to check out Snap for the latest visual trends and effects, and Snap also makes it easier for more AR creators to collaborate with More than 1.5 million lenses manufactured to date, the possibilities for new forms of expression are almost limitless, which further increases engagement and loyalty to the app.

As such, it’s a smart focus for this new campaign and should help more people try out their many AR tools to further solidify their target audience.

And with AR glasses on the way and the wider hype surrounding AR building, now seems like the right time for Snap to make a big leap in that regard.

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