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With free, unlimited storage no longer available, Google Photos needs to find new ways to encourage users to pay for the service. Fortunately, this newest addition works like magic.

Google Photos continues to get cool updates.


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Announced during the last Google I / O keynote, Cinematic Moments are small animated video clips that are automatically created from pairs of similar images stored in Google Photos.

The current animations from Google Photo reconstruct the real movement by merging extended photo bursts into videos. A cinematic moment, on the other hand, is created from just a single pair of images. Google automatically “synthesizes” realistic movements between the two photos to create artificial but compelling movements.

Cinematic Moments are a further development of the Cinematic Photos from Google, in which a single image is recorded and a short video clip is generated with a three-dimensional zoom effect. However, movie photos cannot animate individual objects or people in the picture. The zoom is all you get.

The sample results from Google are very impressive and can be created from any image stored in Google Photos, regardless of the type of camera they were taken with.

Google's Cinematic Moments smoothly interpolate between similar photos to create compelling motion.

Google’s Cinematic Moments smoothly interpolate between similar photos to create compelling motion.


It will be interesting to see how Cinematic Moments can bring older photos to life. Similar technology, “Deep Nostalgia” from, caused a viral sensation by animating archive photos, sometimes over a hundred years old.

Unlike Deep Nostalgia Cinematic Moments, like the other auto-generated highlights from Google Photos, users likely won’t be able to choose which photos to animate.

One limitation of Cinematic Moments, however, is that you can’t choose which photos you want to animate. Google Photos will pick the options it deems best. So if you have someone / something in mind, you may need to upload a lot of images before Google will select them.

Google wants you to upload a huge photo library and keep it in Google Photos so you can’t use the service to just upload individual images and create cool animations when you need them.

Cinematic moments alone are not enough to convert free users into paying customers. However, regular innovations like this one that generate shareable content that cannot currently be created any other way ensure that Google Photos remains a compelling option.

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