Reply MarTech’s survey on attending or exhibiting at in-person occasions


Life before the pandemic is returning. Travel is hot. Masks fall off. And indoor dining is an option again.

The easing of pandemic restrictions is also sweeping the business world as conferences and trade shows schedule face-to-face events this summer and fall. This does not surprise us, because the last edition of our Events Participation Index showed that many marketers were ready to enter the conference room as early as the third quarter of 2021.

But a significant number of marketers seemed lukewarm to the idea of ​​business travel, so we are again asking marketers to share their thoughts on returning to in-person events.

Please click here to take our 3-minute survey.

We will publish the results on MarTech in the coming weeks.

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Henry Powderly is Vice President of Content at Third Door Media, the publishers of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, and MarTech Today. With more than a decade in executive editorial positions, he is responsible for the organization’s content strategy and event programming.

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