Reddit Launches Enhanced Video Devices, Publicizes Shutdown of Dubsmash

Reddit has announced that it will be shutting down the separate Dubsmash app it acquired last December to merge the creative capabilities of Dubsmash with Reddit itself and keep focusing on video engagement.

Dubsmash, which will be available through February, allows users to create videos that are focused on music clips, including effects and filters that can help make your clips stand out in user feeds.

Reddit is now trying to incorporate these tools into the Reddit camera to capitalize on increasing video engagement in the app.

In fact, Reddit notes that:

“To date this year (January 2021 through November 2021), video content on Reddit has skyrocketed. We’ve seen nearly 70% growth in total hours viewed and more than 30% increase in daily active video viewers. ”

Additionally, Reddit says that viewership for short videos through the new TikTok-like video feed option has increased 50% quarter over quarter.

Reddit video feed

With broader trends in content consumption, it’s no surprise that video is on the rise on Reddit too, and now, with the merger of Dubsmash, Redditors are getting a new set of video creation and editing tools for use in the app.

The updated Reddit camera has options for recording speed, video timers, the ability to upload clips in both landscape and portrait orientation, and new clipping options.

Reddit is also adding its first AR lenses with “Bread Cat” and “Snoo” effects.

Reddit AR Effects

Users can also add stickers, use drawing tools, and add voiceovers to their clips. Expanding creative options for Reddit videos.

Reddit camera effects

This could help further improve video engagement on the app and better align it with the latest trends – an important step as users continue to be interested in improved video engagement.

And while Reddit’s AR options are relatively straightforward at this point, it may be just as important that the platform simply keep up with the evolving AR landscape, which will play a much bigger role once fully functional AR glasses at some point are available in the next two years.

That will also be in line with the increasing metaverse shift that is blending our physical and digital worlds.

Nobody knows exactly how this will work just yet, but AR is expected to play a key role and the introduction of its own AR capabilities will ensure Reddit stays connected with the development of this element.

But for Dubsmash users, the time will soon be up. The app made it easier to skip at a certain point one billion video views per month and is particularly popular with underrepresented communities.

Now, instead, they have to switch to Reddit or find another app that better suits their interests.

That loss, however, is Reddit’s win as it improves its video tools to enable further growth in this space.

Reddit users can access the new camera features starting today on both iOS and Android.

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