#RacistBiden Trending Following President’s Satchel Paige Speech – As we speak Each Verbal Gaffe Is Referred to as Out

President Joe Biden speaks during a Veterans Day commemoration event in Arlington National … [+] Cemetery, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, in Arlington, Va. (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)


A video of President Joe Biden’s Veterans Day speech on Thursday went viral and has been viewed more than 4.5 million times. While there was nothing particularly moving or even controversial in the speech, the President’s critics never missed an opportunity to jump on it after he mispronounced himself and referred to mid-20th-century African American baseball player Satchel Paige as “the great Negro.” our time “designated.”

However, while Biden actually said that, the context is missing. The President delivered the speech on Veterans Day and wished former Ambassador Donald Blinken a happy 97th birthday.

According to the official transcript released by the White House, Biden said, “And I just want to tell you, I know you are a little younger than me, but you know, I took the stance of the great Negro – then pitchers in the Negro Leagues – became a great pitcher among the pros – in Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson. His name was Satchel Paige. “

Anyone reading this transcript should realize that Biden had a slip of the tongue, which is not exactly uncommon for the 78-year-old who has a long history of verbal slips. Biden has admitted that he’s an “outlier machine” who often says the wrong thing, but contrary to some of his actual misrepresentation of facts or questionable stories, there wasn’t really much about this story.

“Biden was never the best speaker and has been known to make mistakes,” said Chris Haynes, associate professor of political science and national security at the University of New Haven. “It’s not much different from some verbal slip-ups by George W. Bush.”

Certainly no one would claim that Biden or Bush were speakers for the ages, but it seemed to open the door again that Biden may have made a story of such controversial remarks.

The hashtag #RacistBiden was trending on Friday, with many of the comments or statements Biden made in his career digging up from the past and sharing them on social media. While some of these may seem controversial, few were actually new, so the question might be asked why this was necessary.

“This is very similar to Donald Trump’s strategy when he was accused of being a sexist by turning the tables and accusing his rivals of the same thing or worse,” said Haynes. “His followers just follow the same tactics. They love to call the establishment hypocritical.”

“Trump Said Worse”

Of course, it wasn’t over yet, and of course many Biden supporters jumped into the fray – not to defend Biden’s record, but to tear down Trumps and others in the GOP. This has remained normal on social media, where the best defense against controversy seems to be to attack the other side.

“This is the new norm in our back and forth where we try to flag someone for little comments from the past,” said Haynes. “These type of slip-ups have been reported for years and in the past the media might jump on them, but social media allows anyone to meddle. We see it can come from our leaders in Congress who too often feel the need feel like doing this. ” making these comments but exalting it is defaming someone’s personality, not their actions. ”

It’s part of social media tribalism that is a sign of the times.

“This really isn’t that different from a tactic a bully would use, where the bully would say something to make himself feel better,” added Haynes. “On social media, we see that these hashtags are trending because if we can make the other side look bad, it makes us look better. Here we have exceeded the limits of politeness. “

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