Pinterest Makes Arabic Obtainable as a Language Possibility on All Platforms


Pinterest is now available in Arabic on all platforms, with the platform further expanding its language tools so that the app is now fully available in 37 languages.

As explained by Pinterest:

“Over 475 million people use Pinterest every month around the world for inspiration, and 57% of those Pinners use the platform to discover new ideas in a language other than English. So today we’re launching Pinterest in Arabic to make the platform more accessible and relevant to pinners around the world. “

In fact, the platform is now seeing the majority of its user growth in international markets (37% versus 9% in the US), and this continued expansion is opening up more opportunities for Pinterest to build its advertising tools and related business offerings.

Pinterest says that since the introduction of Arabic as a language option for Android and the web last year, the number of pinners choosing it as their language of choice has increased by 48%.

“Arabic is one of the fastest growing languages ​​on Pinterest, with over 3.5 million searches in Arabic every day. “

By making Arabic available on all devices, this gives more users more opportunities to interact with Pins, which further fuels the broader growth efforts.

Users can now select Arabic as their preferred language through their phone’s settings, with the app following your device’s language settings by default.

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