Pinterest Launches New Vacation Advertising and marketing Hub to Help with Your Marketing campaign Planning

Pinterest has updated its Christmas marketing hub for 2021 with a number of new resources and reference points to streamline your pin campaigns for the year-end push.

And with ecommerce sales set to hit record highs during this period, Pinterest is well positioned to see big results as the platform hits new spikes in sales and usage as early as 2021.

Here are some helpful tips. First, Pinterest points out that getting started early is key to maximizing the success of your Christmas campaign.

Brands that start their Christmas promotions earlier in the season see a + 6% incremental increase in sales and 4.7x more conversions compared to those who only focus on the later weeks. “

In fact, according to Pinterest data, shoppers are far more active before Cyber ​​Monday (11/29), as 60% of all Pinterest Christmas sales are made before that date in 2020.

Pinterest has some essential planning maps for your vacation marketing as well as key pin user personalities to keep an eye on.

Pinterest has also created a new board of “best-in-class” creative campaign samples to aid your strategic thinking.

Examples of Pinterest ads

There are also links to information about Pinterest ads and the option to apply for a free Christmas campaign consultation with a pin expert.

Pinterest also added a campaign guide that shows which ad options are best for different goals.

Guide to Pinterest ad campaigns

There’s not a lot of new content here, but Pinterest could be looking to add more in the coming weeks, and having all of these reference points and materials in one place is definitely handy, which could be of great help if you’re trying to locate one Plan pin campaign.

But you better move. Again, Pinterest says the bulk of the sales will likely happen in the next three and a half weeks, so now is the time to get your pin pushed.

You can find the updated Pinterest Holiday Marketing Hub here.

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