Pinterest Broadcasts New Initiatives to Rejoice Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month


Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month takes place in May. Pinterest has announced a number of new events and initiatives to mark the occasion and highlight API developers.

For starters, on the Today tab in the app, Pinterest will feature a number of API builders who will do the same Add resources for the community and allies in support of #StopAsianHate.

Pinterest specifically commissions work from WEAREUPRISERS, Nadya Okamoto and Kim Saira, who each share story pins and content to inspire inspiration in the app.

Pinterest will also highlight API-owned companies will be the focus of May shopping, and Instagram Live sessions will also be hosting influential voices from the developer community.

  • Join us on May 21 while Pinterest is hosting an Instagram Live session with Interior Designer Noz Nozawa and fashion photographer Anthony Gomes. Join us @PinterestCreators Instagram to follow the conversation live!
  • Don’t miss out on Pinterest’s own Head of Content and Creator Partnerships. Aya Kanais IG live on May 14th Jenny Wang, PhD, Asians for mental health

I mean, it seems a little strange that Pinterest is using Instagram Live for this and not hosting the content in its own app – but then again, Pinterest doesn’t have its own live streaming option, and Instagram has more users and reach.

Pinterest doesn’t really see itself as a competitor to Instagram anyway, as the latter focuses on social networks and the former are increasingly becoming an e-commerce platform. But Instagram is pushing deeper into Pinterest territory with its own ecommerce tools.

Seems a little strange, but there it is.

Finally, Pinterest says it will also support a number of API-related foundations and organizations through a two-to-one employee donation matching program, including Asian Pacific Fund, Hollaback and the National Asia-Pacific-American Women’s Forum..

The Asian community has faced mounting and unjustified tensions in recent months Racial violence on the rise, apparently linked to the COVID-19 outbreak. With that in mind, Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is even more prominent this year, and it’s important that social platforms like Pinterest highlight the API community for better connection and support.

You can read more on Pinterest Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month program here.

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