Now obtainable to all, Google Search Console Insights


Google released the Google Search Console Insights reports for anyone with verified Search Console profiles. You can access the Search Console Insights reports at

What are Search Console Insights? Search Console Insights is specifically designed for content creators and publishers and “can help them understand how audiences are discovering their website’s content and what their audience is doing,” according to Google. Search Console Insights reporting is based on data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

When was it first launched. Google launched a beta of this last year and then gave some content creators limited access to fix bugs and provide Google with feedback on the reports. At the time, Google said, “It’s a way to give content creators the data they need to make informed decisions and improve their content.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of some reports:

What does it answer. These reports in Search Console Insights are designed to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your top performing content?
  2. How is your new content performing?
  3. How do users discover your content on the web?
  4. What do people look for on Google before they visit your content?
  5. Which article directs people to your website and content?

How do you access it. Google gives you several ways to access the reports:

  • At the top of the Search Console overview page, select Search Console Insights.
  • Use this link to access it directly.
  • Select in the iOS Google app Insights into the Search Console in the account menu (tap on your profile picture). This will be available shortly and will soon be available on the Android app as well.

Missing data. If any data is missing, it means your Search Console property is not properly linked to your Google Analytics property. In order to get the full experience and the best insights into your content, Google recommends linking your Google Analytics property to your relevant Search Console property. Please note that Search Console Insights currently only supports Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties (their ID starts with a “UA-“), but Google is working on supporting Google Analytics 4.

Why we care. More data, more views, more ways to see and understand your content performance is great. Having certain Google Analytics data in Search Console can be a huge relief and help you see your data in new ways.

Give it a try and maybe you will get new insights into how your content is performing and get new content and marketing ideas for your business.

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Barry Schwartz is an editor at Search Engine Land and a member of the programming team for SMX events. He owns RustyBrick, a NY-based web consulting firm. He also runs the Search Engine Roundtable, a popular search blog on very advanced SEM topics. Barry’s personal blog is called Cartoon Barry and can be followed here on Twitter.

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