Nicki Farag promoted to Government Vice President and Basic Supervisor of Def Jam Recordings


Nicki Farag has been promoted to Executive Vice President and General Manager at Def Jam Recordings.

As Def Jam’s EVP and General Manager, Farag will oversee the day-to-day running of the label, working with artists, managers and staff to develop strategies and execute plans on behalf of the label’s list of artists.

Farag, based in Santa Monica, will report to Jeffrey Harleston, interim chairman and CEO of Def Jam, since 2020.

Farag is an 18-year-old Def Jam veteran who was previously Executive Vice President of Promotion, a position she has held since 2018 and the first female executive to earn the title in the label’s history.

Farag has broken dozens of artists and records across the country over the past decade, including Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, Big Sean, YG, Alessia Cara, and Logic.

Farag is a multi-year Billboard Prize Winner for “Women In Music” and a 2020 Variety Hitmakers Prize Winner.

She also co-chairs Def Jam Forward, the label’s task force dedicated to social justice reform.

“Nicki is an experienced, accomplished professional and a true leader.”

Jeffrey Harleston, Def Jam

Jeffrey Harleston said, “Nicki is a seasoned, accomplished professional and a true leader.

“She has the unique ability to understand and instill confidence in artists, the passion and tenacity to promote her art, and the relentless energy to rally her people to compete and achieve greatness.

“I am delighted to welcome her to this important new role, with all expectations that both she and the company will grow.”

“Def Jam is a label with its own culture.”

Nicki Farag

“Def Jam is a label with a strong culture and DNA that has defined music for over 35 years.

“In my nearly two decades at Def Jam, I’ve never seen so much drive and energy from our staff or our artists.

“Under Jeff’s leadership, we have created all the prerequisites to make Def Jam even more successful.”Music business worldwide

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