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Our latest features help you make money and save time with just a few clicks.

You made a sale! That is amazing. It’s time to sit back and congratulate yourself, isn’t it?

Well you could do that. Or you could take the opportunity to further retain your new customer – upselling products, asking for a rating, sending your newsletter, etc.

Now, in AWeber e-commerce, you can do just that – by redirecting every buyer after they make a purchase. You can also connect your domain in seconds, copy our new template for recurring payments, archive used tags and much more.

These feature updates are designed to make your life easier and optimize your sales and marketing.

Direct buyers to premium content or an upsell thank you page

I’m going to make an obvious statement: someone who makes a purchase on your landing page is now a customer.

You have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer, but only a 5-20% chance of selling to a new prospect.

What does this mean for your sales strategy? That it is important to grab your new customer’s attention – the moment you make a sale.

In AWeber you can now! After a purchase has been made on your ecommerce landing page, you can now redirect to a new page. This simple feature gives your sales journey a world of possibilities.

Think about where you would redirect someone after they bought from you. Your thank you page could include:

  • A newsletter registration form
  • Social share links
  • Suggestions about other products you might want to buy
  • Premium content that you just paid for
  • Access to a closed Facebook group
  • I will never give up on you by Rick Astley

Okay, maybe you don’t want your customer base RickRoll.

But you can seriously improve their experience and increase the chance of your next sale.

By referring your customers after they buy, you can keep their attention longer, offer more value, and simply create good brand sentiment.

Ready to start?

How to set up receipt forwarding

To set this up, you first need to create a sales landing page with a payment button.

Next, you need a thank you page. Here buyers are redirected after a purchase.

Note: You can actually send them to any valid URL (like your main page), but we recommend a thank you page specific to the product being sold. You can set one up for free with AWeber in minutes.

To set up your thank you page, copy our upsell thank you landing page template (shown above) and update it with your information. You can simply thank the customer and tell them about your company or your services. Or offer additional products as an upselling opportunity.

Publish the page.

GIF showing the ecommerce receipt landing page being published

Go back to your sales page. Click your payment button, choose Receipt from the sidebar, then choose Redirect to Custom URL.

Click save and exit, republish your page and your redirect will be live! Be sure to test it out.

This receipt link is an opportunity to add value to your customers and grow your business without additional work or money. I highly recommend using it!

A nice site to sell subscriptions

Now that you can sell weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions in AWeber, you need a nice template to showcase them off. After all, you can use a template to create your own landing page in minutes.

That’s why we just released a landing page template for recurring payments.

Add your pictures and messages to this beautifully simple design to make it yours. Then enter the price and details of each subscription. Finally, link (or set up one) the payment buttons to your Stripe account. That’s it, done!

Within minutes, you can be selling subscriptions to your audience or others.

Subscription landing page example

Bonus: add 6 images and perks below to sell the value of your subscription service once and for all.

Section of the landing page showing the benefits of a subscription service

This page can be copied immediately into your account and you can add more elements and change all colors and texts at any time. I like? Try it out in your account today.

Connect your domain in seconds – no DNS required (what is that anyway?)

Remember, joining your domain meant figuring out your registrar (huh?) And adding DNS records (what’s that?).

Well no more! In just a few seconds and a few clicks you can now connect your domain to your AWeber account.

Wait, why do I want to connect my domain at all?

  1. When you connect your domain, you can authenticate your account, which means more of your email can be delivered. Learn more about sender authentication.
  2. Email sent from an @ address looks more professional than @
  3. Your landing pages have a URL that looks like this instead of…

Note: We currently only support IONOS domains, but will soon also support Google Domains and GoDaddy.

Sounds good! How do I connect my domain now?

  1. Log in to AWeber and navigate to My Account -> Domains and Addresses.
  2. Add your domain in the Add New Domain field.
  3. If your domain is hosted by IONOS, all you have to do is log into your IONOS account and click through to enable the connection.
  4. That’s it! After 30 seconds you will be authenticated and ready to create landing pages for your website.

You don’t know if you have IONOS? If you do this, this process will “just work”. If you don’t, you can just follow the previous procedure until we add your domain provider (new ones coming soon).

Get a monthly snapshot of sales in your dashboard

Sometimes it’s nice to compare month-to-month sales without digging deep into the data. We’ve added a little feature to help you do this.

Your sales dashboard now shows you at a glance the percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous month.

When you open your account you will see your stats:

AWeber dashboard with subscribers and sales

Bonus: You can now archive unused tags to simplify your account

A tidy account is like a tidy kitchen: it makes it easier to create.

To clean up your account, you can now archive subscriber tags that you no longer use or want to use. You can find the archive link next to each tag under List Options -> Tags:

Archive subscriber tags picture

Accidentally archived a tag that you still want? No problem. Every day can be dearchived at any time.

Function requests? Let us know in the comments

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the way you use AWeber for your business. If you have any questions, concerns, or requests about new features, please let us know in the comments below.

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