Moz Acquired by iContact Advertising and marketing Corp


Exciting news, Moz fans! We are happy to announce that Moz from iContact Marketing Corp. was acquired!

Our readers understand the importance of SEO work to marketing strategy success, and as an industry leader, Moz was the natural choice for iContact to expand into the SEO space. If you’re not familiar with them, iContact and its sibling brands – Campaigner, SMTP, and Kickbox – work together as a subsidiary of J2 Global (NASDAQ: JCOM). They help small and medium-sized businesses reach and retain loyal customers with advanced email marketing automation tools. As part of the iContact family, Moz will be even better equipped to support our subscribers with all of their SEO and digital marketing needs.

I sat down with Michael Pepe, President of iContact Marketing Corp, to talk more about the acquisition. Check it out below to see what that means for Moz!

Video transcription

Sarah: Hello everyone. I am Sarah Vogel. I’m the CEO of Moz and I have some exciting, very exciting, very important news that I want to share with all of you, and I invited Michael Pepe over here to share it with me. Michael, would you introduce yourself?

Michael: I definitely will. Thank you Sarah. So I’m Michael Pepe and I’m President of iContact Marketing. And we have some very exciting news to share today as Moz has been acquired by iContact.

Sarah: Wow, that feels so good.

Michael: Me too, publicly.

Sarah: Finally. It’s time. Last but not least. I love it. Why not share a little about iContact?

Michael: Sure, sure. So iContact is an iconic brand in email marketing, and along with its sister brands Campaigner, SMTP, Communicator, and Kickbox, all of these brands really focus on the email marketing needs of small to medium-sized customers. And it’s big business. Last year we delivered 68 billion emails.

Sarah: Wow, nice job.

Michael: Great. Large. So . .

Sarah: Wow, that’s impressive.

Michael: . . . I am sure there is no one around who has not heard of Moz. But for the handful who may not have it. . .

Sarah: Yeah.

Michael: . . . tell us about Moz, Sarah.

Sarah: Yeah, Moz has been an SEO company through and through, since we started, you know, 15 years ago when we started understanding and teaching SEO through the blog and then really thought about how much more people we’re helping could if we had more data behind our proposals and then became a software company. And so, from the bottom up, there was a desire to help people understand and master a really complex, complex marketing practice that is so important and data driven. Some of our data stats have over 40.7 trillion links, over 1.2 million followed websites, and over 500 million keyword suggestions. And all of this is meant to help people make better, smarter SEO decisions, whether you’re in a small business or a large corporation, whether you’re a beginner on your SEO journey, or have been for a very, very long time Time. And I think it’s great that we have that in common, Michael. iContact and Moz, they all want to help as many people as possible, and we are very focused on two basic marketing strategies that are as important to businesses today as they have ever been.

Michael: Definitely. And you know what I think makes Moz stand out is the fact that you can focus on the size, quality, and accuracy of your data, but you can turn that data into insights to help marketers of all skill levels, businesses of all sizes I think that’s really remarkable and sets Moz apart from others. And Sarah, you know we’ve been talking for a while. This is not a new idea that we had last week.

Sarah: Right.

Michael: And you know, we just added a long list of reasons why our two companies belong together. And maybe it would just help to share a few of these ideas when prompting.

Sarah: Yeah, I bet people are really curious. Yes why? Give us the why, Michael.

Michael: Focus on the same customers and serve small to medium sized customers. If we ask our clients what we do routinely, what is the most important tool they need besides email, then it is undoubtedly SEO. So there is a great combination of SEO and email marketing. And I would say that I think Moz is a value company. And especially nowadays we live in a complex ecosystem that includes our customers, our colleagues and our partners. And being able to think about it, support all of their needs and allow all of those components to flourish was really an agenda of Moz in my opinion and one that we ourselves believe wholeheartedly, you know, really about values , Integrity and principle to move us forward. And so I think that we not only share values, but also have a common future.

Sara: Yeah. Oh Michael, you said it so nicely. Couldn’t say it better myself, so I just want to add that Moz will thrive in this new family and I know this for a fact knowing that you really understand the value of SEO and are excited to do this with your broader ones Customers to share. And really, we know email is, and will remain, of vital importance. It’s not going anywhere. It just gets better. And we have common values. So what more do we need, right? I think that together we can and will achieve great things for all of our customers. I am very happy to reach this moment with you and to run into this future together. So thank you very much.

Michael: Thank you. The future is bright.

Sarah: That’s it. All right everyone, thanks and check out our blog. Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Michael: Bye.

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