Microsoft pronounces updates to Sensible Pages web site builder

In February, Microsoft launched Smart Pages, a free website builder service to help small businesses that may not have had websites before. This was crucial during the pandemic as it essentially required more businesses to be online. However, many SMBs don’t have the expertise or the resources to commission a brand new website. Based on customer feedback, Microsoft announced new features for the Smart Pages service this week.

Publish a Smart Pages website without the need for social and advertising tools. “In the standalone mode of Smart Pages, you can create, edit and publish your website for free – without any payment information. We know that not every company with a web presence is willing to advertise online and give everyone access to Smart Pages, ”write Will Rivitz, Program Manager, and Cristiano Ventura Sr. Product Marketing Manager. Later, when business owners choose to participate in Microsoft Advertising, they can easily sign up when they’re ready.

New analytics to find out what works (and what needs to be tweaked). The new reporting feature of Smart Pages enables marketers to track page views, clicks and more within the platform. “By tracking these metrics over time, you can see how the improvements and changes you’ve made are affecting your customers’ experiences,” said Rivitz and Ventura.

Source: Microsoft blog

Bing Place integration for local businesses. Marketers can create a new Smart Pages website right from their Bing Places account and integrate the two features. “Customers who view your business on Bing Places can go straight to your smart page, where you can view even more information,” the announcement said.

Why we care. Many small businesses operate without a website and use Facebook Pages and local listings as “hubs” for customers, but owning your own is critical to controlling your messaging, optimizing it to reach your target audience and attracting the more critical traffic and prospects . These updates open the Website Builder for Microsoft Smart Pages to help even more SMBs build their own online presence and optimize it to attract more qualified leads and customers.

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