LinkedIn Exams New ‘Darkish Mode’ in its Desktop App


It seems a little behind the times, but LinkedIn is currently testing a new “Dark Mode” display option for its desktop app, which, as it sounds, would make the app much darker and mostly black after this new example.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong posted this screenshot of LinkedIn Dark Mode in review, which I have to admit looks pretty cool, even as someone who doesn’t understand the ever-enthusiastic dark mode hype.

And there is a certain amount of hype surrounding such options. Dark Mode has a passionate community of fans who are looking for these color variations as if they were rare Pokémon, maybe because it shields their view from the effects of blue light, or because it’s just a new look for these apps we have. ve all become more and more familiar.

Most social apps already have a dark mode option, but LinkedIn seems to be dragging on. It tested dark mode on its app back in 2019 – also first discovered by Jane Manchun Wong – but apparently it never got through, while a LinkedIn help desk post on dark mode simply states:

We’re currently redesigning LinkedIn to make your LinkedIn experience simple, rich, and enjoyable. As part of the new LinkedIn experience, we’ll be introducing the option to switch to dark mode soon. “

But that’s been around for at least six months, so it’s hard to say exactly where LinkedIn is in the dark fashion evolution.

But based on this new screenshot, it definitely looks great and could be a good addition – for an aesthetic refresher, not least of all.

We have asked LinkedIn for more information and will update this post when we hear something.

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