LinkedIn Case Research: How Johnson & Johnson Used LinkedIn to Promote Vaccine Take-Up [Infographic]


LinkedIn has released a new case study on how Johnson & Johnson used LinkedIn ads to maximize COVID-19 vaccine adoption and why they chose LinkedIn to reach key decision makers and professionals.

The study is LinkedIn’s latest example of how brands are getting the most out of their advertising tools, and as the platform has seen record levels of engagement and continues to add more users (now up to 740 million members), the case for LinkedIn, especially with the launch doing business is getting stronger day by day.

As explained by LinkedIn:

Johnson & Johnson decided to use LinkedIn Live to promote its Road to a Vaccine documentary campaign because the platform’s trusted environment and professional targeting capabilities helped it reach the desired audience, plus a unique one Combination of sponsored content and message ads. Message in the global healthcare industry has also raised awareness and increased viewership throughout the series. “

Here are some great pointers and pointers that might inspire you to think about how you can also use LinkedIn’s various advertising tools to improve your messaging with the right people.

Check out the infographic below.

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