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Housesitting jobs are popular jobs in western countries like the US and Europe.

It has become more and more popular in recent years. If you are looking for jobs like this, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’m going to share the list of the best housesitting jobs that you can apply for.

House sitting jobs allow you to earn an extra income while living your life happily. If you’ve visited other sites on moneyforwallet then you may know that there are many extra income methods that you can use to make money online.

Let’s start with some basic questions.

What are house sitting jobs?

Paid house sitting jobs are the types of jobs that require you to stay at someone’s home and take care of their house (pets especially).

House sitting jobs can work differently for different types of people. Sometimes people just hire babysitters to take care of the house and sometimes they hire tenants to look after pets including the house.

House sitters are also known as house carers.

Paid house sitting jobs are easily available through many of the websites I’ll mention below.

Who Should Do House Sitting Jobs?

In my opinion, if you are under 20 years old then do not do this because you might get bored of living alone and you might take an unusual step. Unless you get a job for a few days.

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Anyone can do this job for sure, but the hirer does a profile check and in most cases they don’t hire a person with a criminal record.

Benefits of paid house sitting jobs

In any case, when you do a job, you will be looking for the benefits. Nobody will apply for a job without knowing the benefits of the job.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Paid House Sitting Jobs? They are down.

Get paid – The first and most common benefit is that you will be paid for this work. There are also plenty of unpaid house sitting jobs out there.

Daily savings – Becoming a house sitter will save you thousands of dollars. You get a free home to live in and for everyday things.

Live better – Another benefit of a house sitter job is that you can enjoy life to the fullest. Live for free in the big house and enjoy pool stuff.

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How much can i earn?

The earnings depend on the borrower who hired you. Rich families may pay you more. But you shouldn’t be left behind with money every time. Because sometimes you get the boring job.

In the average home, a sitter makes $ 50,000 to $ 150,000 an hour and $ 10 to $ 25 an hour. Earning is good for those who are on vacation and want to make some cash.

How To Find House Sitting Jobs

You can mainly find two types of jobs, long term house sitting jobs and short term. Below is a list of websites where you can find paid house sitting jobs as well as long term house sitting positions.


Caretaker is one of the active sites for users who live in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, and Australia. It’s a membership-based platform. You can join for free or for $ 50 per year.

An upgrade plan lets you apply for available jobs, but a free membership allows you to only view available jobs.

You are new to the industry, but active. There are currently more than 20 active house sitter jobs. Review each job description before applying.


Nomads is the best place to find the latest housesitting jobs near me. You will find more active jobs than HouseCarers.

You can join them for free or on a paid plan that costs $ 42 per quarter or $ 99 per year. The paid plan will get you more exposure than a free membership.

You can find over 500 active house sitting jobs and more than 12,000 house sitting registered on their website.

Luxury home sitting

Luxury home sitting enables you to find a paid luxury home seat job. The website costs $ 25 per year and is definitely free for homeowners.

Once you’ve created a profile, you need to set up your profile like royalty. The profile with all the information has more chances of sitter jobs.


As the name suggests, it is only available for American residences. HouseSittersAmerica many active sitter jobs listed.

House Sitters America started its pet and house sitting business in 2007 and has seen steady growth as it grows into the strong and respected website it is today.

It costs $ 49 for 12 months. Upgrading will allow you to find and apply for all available pet and house sitting jobs.


MindMyHouse is a UK based company founded in 2005. It offers worldwide home call matching services.

There are more than 4.5K registered housesitters and most of them are from the US. It’ll cost you $ 20 a year to join, but it’s really worth it if you’re looking for paid house sitting jobs.

You have more than 6.2K registered homeowners. These can be the best long term house sitting jobs in Hawaii.


Yes, you have Trustworthy house sitter. The platform is more expensive than others, you have to pay at least $ 100 to get access to their platform.

There is a mobile app that you can use from anywhere.

The cost of joining is very high so I’m adding them here and they’re very active so I’m adding them to this list.


HouseSitMatch was founded by Lamia Walker to solve the problems of homeowners. The platform is a little slow and inactive.

Even so, it is used by many homeowners from across the United States. With the help of this platform you can easily find paid house sitting jobs near me in the USA.


rover or Rover App is the platform that connects pet owners with dog lovers or walkers. Not just dogs, but cats too. You can sign up using Facebook, Google, and email.

Many student sitters use them to earn some extra cash.

You can easily make $ 20 to $ 60 a day if you spend 2 to 4 hours. People call it Airbnb for dogs. Some serious dog owners said they make $ 1200 a month.

Work for the rover to make money for what you like. There’s a $ 20 bonus when you sign up using a referral link, and when you refer someone, you get $ 20 or $ 50 from each person.

Frequently asked question?

Should I search Craigslist for caretaker jobs?

There are already plenty of specific websites out there that you can find house sitter work so you don’t have to use Craigslist. Anyway, Craigslist has a very limited and very small number of jobs

Can I do house sitting for the rich and famous?

The website Luxury home sitting you can find out the list of rich and famous families.

How do I find housesitters near me?

The websites above allow you to use their map to find the housesitter in your area. And most of them are free to use.

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