Use Survey Emails to Get a Pulse on Your Buyer Base

Survey email is a valuable communication tool any business can send. Let’s discuss how to create one, and let’s look at some great examples of survey emails.

We get it – you need to know what’s going on with your customers without sounding intrusive. So we recommend that you use survey emails to keep your finger on the pulse. And if done well, it can be mutually beneficial.

Let’s explain what exactly survey emails are and why they’re so important to your business.

What exactly is a survey email anyway?

The global email marketing economy was rated with 8.49 billion in 2021. Email marketing remains the core strategy for almost every brand and industry. Survey emails are non-negotiable for any business looking to improve customer loyalty.

Customer survey emails are questionnaire forms that are sent by email. Companies send them to their customers after a sale or event. The results are counted and used to guide future strategic business decisions.

Contacting them via email is the easiest way to keep in touch with your customers. And it only takes a few clicks.

No time like the present

Nothing is worse than sending out a bunch of survey emails and not getting any responses.

But your customers are only human. They are busy people and even the kindest of hearts may need a gentle nudge to get the ball rolling.

So what’s the best way to encourage timely responses from your subscribers?

Customers need to know how long it will take. They want to know that they are not diving into a twenty minute rabbit hole of complicated Google forms and 1000-word essays about their “consumer experience”.

86% of customers appreciate the authenticity of a brand.

So be honest about how long it will take and your customers will respect it – just like Ritual did in this survey email example below.

  • You hit the right note (we are grateful, we promise, cheers to your health)
  • Clearly communicated how long it will take (only take a few minutes)
  • Keep the email short and focused by a. use clear CTA (Take the poll)

Source: Really good emails

Make it worth it

But saying please is not enough for all of your customers.

You may have to offer something to sweeten the deal. Now we’re not saying you have to pay them $ 20 to fill out your survey emails, but something like a discount on future purchases can go a long way.

Example of a Frye survey email

Source: Really good emails

Check out this email sample of a survey from Frye, a fine footwear company. It hit the right notes by:

  • Approach time problems “quickly and easily”
  • $ 50 coupon for future use as an incentive to click
  • Well designed with a great picture to copy ratio and inverted pyramid design

Embed your surveys to avoid friction losses

Every worth their money marketer knows that survey email response rates aren’t particularly high. Between 5% – 30% is typical.

Getting customers to click a link and leave their inbox is actually quite difficult. But it doesn’t have to be.

Campaign Monitor synchronizes seamlessly with the Get feedback App with which you can simply drag and drop forms onto your e-mail template – without triggering a spam filter. Check out our Instructions for e-mail forms to learn more.

This Taylor Stitch survey email sample illustrates this.

Example of a Taylor Switch survey email.

Source: Really good emails

You get straight to the point and have all questions immediately visible to the customer. All you have to do is fill it in and hit POST. It’s a deceptively simple strategy if you’re struggling to get customers to click through to your survey.

Wrap up

Let’s face it – getting your customers to bother with survey emails isn’t easy. But they’re an integral part of communication and the best way to keep up with what’s happening and how you’re feeling.

Follow the tips we talked about today and remember, it’s worth it. This is the best way to increase your survey engagement rates and stay tuned.

Email is still the number one marketing channel in any industry, and Campaign Monitor is here to help Customer survey emails every step of the way.

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