Methods to Monetize a Web site with Truepush?

Website monetization is the process of streaming revenue by sending push notification ads to the existing traffic. The Truepush Monetization Plan allows you to generate additional income while sending regular push notifications to your subscribers. Customers who have reached 50,000 website subscribers can activate the Truepush monetization plan to generate revenue or choose our cheapest pricing plan to send unlimited push notifications for unlimited users.

Here are detailed steps on how to monetize a website with Truepush

  • Eligibility for monetization

The income from web push ads depends primarily on the availability of the users. So Truepush retains the eligibility criteria of over 50,000 push notification subscribers to enable the mutual benefit monetization plan. Additionally, for $ 0, clients can send unlimited push notifications to an unlimited number of users.

Customers who reach 50,000 website subscribers will receive the monetization popup ad on their Truepush dashboard. You should just click Accept monetization to join the plan and generate additional income.


For our existing customers who want to switch from the paid service to the monetization plan. You can click Accept monetization on the pop-up in the dashboard. Truepush will send relevant push ads to your website subscribers from the next billing date.


  • Truepush sends relevant push ads

Your website subscribers will receive two relevant push ads per day in an optimized time and frequency. Truepush works with the advertisers and serves the most relevant ads according to your core website service. Customers can review the push ads sent in the dashboard and write to us ( or contact us for more details on relevance.

You can check revenue from push ads in the Truepush dashboard. You should have a minimum withdrawal of $ 50 in your bank account. We ask for basic banking information such as account holder name, bank name, account number, IFSC code, branch and address.


The sales in the account will be shown after sending push ads. You can check the number of push ads sent in the campaign section, which deals with a. differs [Ad] by push ad title.

  • Analyze push ad performance

Monitor the performance of your push ads regularly and analyze the revenue generated in months and days. You can also check the performance of a specific push ad campaign from your dashboard.


For example, on the Truepush dashboard, tap Campaigns, find the push ads that have been sent, and click on them to see how each campaign is performing.

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