How To Get Amazon Refund With out Return In 2021


Last updated on June 17, 2021 by Justin Su

I know you want to learn the Amazon refund trick. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get an Amazon refund without returning any goods or items.

There are many people out there selling this Amazon refund hack or trick for around $ 100 to $ 500. But most of them are either scammers or resellers.

Therefore, never fall into such a scam and never give your money to any stranger.

However, be aware that most of these tricks can result in the termination of your account. Use these tricks at your own risk. I am publishing this article for educational purposes only.

Requirements for using the following tricks

There are a few basic requirements that you must meet before you can use any trick.

Old Amazon account

The first thing you will need is an old Amazon account. Old account not many years old. Old account is the account with which goods were previously purchased.

For example, the account you used to purchase an item or two in the last 30 to 60 days or more.


To have VPN is not necessary, but it can help you protect your privacy. Better to use VPN instead of showing your IP details.

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Cell phone or computer

If you’re reading this article, you definitely already have it Cell phone or computer. Prefer what you use most often for better usage. Try to use the device that you rarely use.

Method 1 – Amazon Refund Trick for 2021

This is the first way you can get a refund from Amazon. Please follow the method below step by step to avoid problems. You can also use the comments box in case you run into any problem.

If you already have an account it’s fine, but if not, create a new account and do some legitimate orders.

Step # 1 – Order the product

Order the product on Amazon that you would like to receive a refund for. But do not buy a product in large quantities, choose a cheaper product first.

After completing the order, wait for the order to be completed.

Step # 2 – Collect the Product

The second step is to receive your order; after all, you will receive your product on hand. As soon as the delivery man arrives because you are in a hurry. Do everything very quickly.

Everything has to look real to the courier boy.

Step # 3 – File a Complaint

In the end, you need to file a complaint that you received an empty box or counterfeit item. Amazon will ask you a few questions about the product and the return process that you can easily answer.

If they are satisfied with your answer, you will receive a final payment within a few days.

This trick works very effectively, but only try this trick once or twice with an address and account.

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