Discover an E mail Service Supplier For Your Enterprise

Buying a new email service provider is not an easy decision. Email is one of the most reliable ways to communicate with your customers, and implementing new software is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Hence, you should make sure that you choose the right solution for your business the first time. If you choose to use a business email provider, you should also look for a provider that will allow you to personalize your messages. Automate emails Based on user behavior, involve your customers with well-designed emails and (most importantly) increase sales.

Regardless of whether your team is preparing to find a new email provider or is counting down the days until your contract with your current provider expires, we’ll give you a little insight into our guide. 6 questions every retailer should ask themselves when choosing an email service providerto help you find the email service provider for your business and email marketing. Below is a detailed list of the steps and questions to ask when choosing your next business email provider.

1. Determine your current and future email needs

Before you begin your search for a new email service provider, define your email needs and determine which features are essential for you and your team. Taking the time to put your thoughts on paper will help focus your search and keep everyone on the same page.

Start by sorting the features and services you are looking for by high, medium, and low priority to make it easier to identify the top competitors ticking every box on your list. But which features and services should be on your list to start with? That is entirely up to you and the maturity of your email program, but some common, sought-after features and services from business email providers include:

Implementing and learning new software is a time consuming process for your team, so you don’t want a patchwork solution that inevitably overgrows you in a year. As you build your list, don’t just focus on the current state of your email marketing program – think about your growth plans and future goals as well. This can help you find the right solution for your email program and build a lasting relationship with your new email partner.

2. Research email service providers for companies

Once you have your list of must-have features, the next step is to research providers and make a shortlist of providers that have all of the features and services you need. While a Google search can always get the ball rolling, you can also use your professional network to find out what software your co-workers or past colleagues are currently using and enjoying.

While the list you created in Step 1 should guide your search, you should also be on the lookout for a business email provider that:

  • Can be integrated into your existing tech stack: Get the most bang for your buck by finding an email solution that integrates with the other systems in your technology stack. You can automate manual administration and make sure your tools work better together.
  • Committed to improving his product: You should choose a provider that is constantly introducing new features and functionality to empower their customers. You might want to see a product roadmap to get a feel for what features the company will be rolling out next. You can also ask how big their research and development team is to understand the company’s commitment to innovation.
  • Committed to Customer Service: Look at the vendor’s customer service offerings before things go wrong. Make sure to ask how to get in touch with your provider if you say your email deliverability is taking a nosedive before your biggest campaign launch of the year (let’s hope that never happens!). Look for a provider that gives you multiple ways to get in touch with them – phone, email, live chat, etc. – and make sure the service windows match your time zone and needs.

You also need to consider factors like budget, sending volume, the types of messages you plan to send, and even the size of your team in order to choose the right email solution for your business. For example, a company that plans to add a few hundred Transactional emails a month will require a completely different e-mail service provider than a global corporation that sends complex, automated and segmented e-mails to a database with over 100,000 subscribers.

3. Talk to sales

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to 2 or 3 vendors, it’s time to request a sales pitch or demo. Make sure you invite key decision-makers to these calls so everyone can weigh up which solution they think is best for your team. Remember, these calls are no time to sit back and let the sales rep woo you. You must ask the right questions to leave the sales competition behind and get the answers you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Not sure where to start? Our 6 questions every retailer should ask themselves when choosing an email service provider The guide summarizes the key questions to ask during the email software evaluation process and what to look for when getting a response from a vendor.

At this stage, you should also ask your sales rep to share relevant case studies. You can get a feel for how they helped similar businesses grow and improve their email programs. Don’t be afraid to do your due diligence and ask to speak to a customer reference as well. A reference interview will allow you to speak to a current customer, better understand how they use the platform and what they like and dislike about the service, which can help resolve any final concerns before making your final decision.

4. Make your decision

Once you’ve made your decision and selected the best business email provider, it’s time to share the news with your key stakeholders. You should involve your finance, legal, and development teams, as well as your CMO or other key decision-maker that you need to enlist to approve and sign your contract. Thoroughly explain your decision-making process and explain how partnering with this email service provider will help your team achieve their future goals. Take the time to ask questions and see what the next steps in the approval process are.

Finding a new email solution is an exciting step in building your email program. To refine your search and make sure you choose the best business email service providers out there, check out our new guide. 6 questions every retailer should ask themselves when choosing an email service provider. The guide contains all of the questions you should ask yourself so you can choose the right long-term email solution for your company’s current and future email needs.

Good luck finding the right solution for your email program!

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