How A lot Do You Get for Promoting Plasma? (5 Plasma Donation Facilities)


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Best plasma donation centers

1. Grifols

(Numbers: Up to $ 200 per monthH)

Grifols has more than a hundred locations in the United States. However, the company operates under a myriad of names. This contains:

  • Grifols
  • Plasma biological resources
  • Interstate blood bank
  • Biomat USA
  • Talecris Plasma Resources.

The name of the Grifols center depends on your location in the US

Grifols pays for plasma sales with a prepaid debit card.

2. BioLife Plasma Services

(Numbers: Up to $ 70 for two donations in a week)

BioLife has centers in over 30 states. The company also plans to open new centers in California and New Jersey in 2021.

Each Biolife center has its own local actions. New donors can earn up to $ 600 in the first month at select centers.

Your plasma sales will be loaded onto a BioLife debit card. This can be used at more than 900,000 ATMs and any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

3. Octapharma plasma

(Numbers: About $ 60 for the two donations in a week)

Octapharma has locations in the USA. The company has more than a hundred centers. You can find the locations on the Octapharma website. Please note, however, that you have to click on “More information” to view the opening times and a map.

The company offers occasional bonuses such as new donor bonuses or frequency bonuses. In addition to payments, you can also win prizes in special promotions throughout the year. Remember that the bonuses vary from place to place. Hence, it is a good idea to check what promotions are in your area.

Usually the funding from donors is higher when there is a higher demand for plasma, but few donors. For example, during COVID, Octapharma offered additional bonuses with the potential to make $ 700 in a month.

Octapharma pays you to sell plasma using a prepaid debit card. All payments for your future donations will be made with your card.

4th KED plasma

(Numbers: Up to $ 50 per donation)

KED plasma has donation centers in 11 states. You can contact individual locations for details on payments. All payments are loaded onto a Wirecard prepaid debit card. The difference to KEDPlasma, however, is that you can register with Kedrewards. This is a loyalty rewards program that offers additional bonus opportunities.

In addition, the company offers expiry bonus coupons. If there has been a delay since your last full donation, you can qualify for a $ 20 bonus.


(900 licensed and certified plasma collection centers)

Donate plasma is not a plasma donation company itself. Instead, it’s a website set up by the industry to educate and educate potential donors. The website has a search tool that you can use to find your local plasma donation center.

It can help you compare earnings and bonuses at the centers near you to get the best price.

What is plasma

When thinking about selling plasma, your first question might be, what is plasma? In fact, it is the clear liquid in the blood. Plasma contains not only water, but also some antibodies, proteins, and enzymes.

The process of donating plasma is a little more complicated than donating blood. Your blood will be drawn, but the plasma will then be separated before the blood is returned to your body.

How Much Can You Make Selling Plasma?

Your earning potential from selling plasma depends on a variety of factors. Expect to donate $ 20 to $ 50 per donation. The exact amount depends on the amount of plasma you are allowed to donate each time.

The FDA sets guidelines for plasma donation. It is based on your body weight. The more you weigh, the more plasma you can donate.

There are three weight ranges for plasma sales.

  • 110-149 pounds
  • 150-174 pounds
  • 175-400 pounds

It should also be noted that most donation centers do not pay in cash. You usually pay with a debit card.

Special offers

If you want to maximize your revenue from plasma sales, look for specials. Remember, blood plasma is not limited to charities, it is a highly competitive business. You may be able to get higher payouts by comparing multiple donation centers nearby.

Many centers also give a bonus to first-time donors. This usually increases your earnings for the first few donations. So instead of making $ 50 on your first 6 donations, you might be able to make $ 100 each. For example, Octapharma Plasma has offers to encourage repeat visits.

Plasma donation centers may also have promotions where you can earn more for more frequent donations. For example, you could earn an additional $ 5 for your fourth donation. You can also earn more if you have specific antibodies in your plasma.

While it might seem a little strange to see promotions and coupons on donation pages, this is how plasma sales work.


Just keep in mind that you need to consider taxation when making the sale of plasma on a regular basis. Plasma donation centers usually provide a prepaid debit card and may not provide you with a tax form showing your income. However, if you do not get a 1099-MISC-IRS Form, you will not be exempt from your tax burden. The IRS requires everyone to file a tax return if gig work income is over $ 400. Remember, selling plasma is considered gig work.

You are responsible for reporting your income from the sale of plasma when filing your taxes. So it’s a good idea to set aside a few dollars for taxes from every payment. Include this in your calculations when assessing how much you are making.

How often can I donate plasma?

Even if you want to hurry up and earn as much as you can, there are restrictions on the number of donations. In general, blood centers allow donors to sell plasma at least every four weeks. This adds up to 13 times a year.

Some donation centers allow more frequent donations, but you will be carefully monitored.

What are the requirements for selling plasma?

There are some special requirements for selling plasma. These include:

  • You must be 18 to 69 years old
  • Weigh over 110 pounds

However, state and local laws can override these requirements. For example, in Nebraska, donors must be 19 years or older. Some centers also have a maximum age limit for donors aged 65 and over.

Every donation company has its own requirements. These can dictate weight, age, and general health in order to qualify as a donor. So, you need to check certain centers’ websites to see if you qualify.

In general, if you are in good health and meet the above requirements, you can qualify. The conditions of participation are similar to those for donating red blood. So if you have had a tattoo or piercing in the past 12 months, you may not be able to sell your plasma. In addition, it is not allowed to donate plasma during pregnancy. You must wait six to twelve months after your baby is born before you can start donating.

How long does it take to sell plasma?

Your first visit to plasma sales will last longer than your future visits. Typically, a first donation takes about two hours. This is because you have to fill out paperwork. Your subsequent visits will take about 90 minutes.

However, if you weigh more and can therefore donate more plasma, the process may take a little longer. However, you will be paid more for your donation.

Remember that plasma donation requires two visits. You have to wait at least a day between your two donations. So you can donate on Wednesday and Friday. However, the maximum interval between your two donations is 14 days. The plasma center will then have your first donation and you will forfeit your payment.

You won’t make money selling plasma if you just stop by once. Most centers issue your payment only after your second partial donation. Some centers may withhold your first donation longer. It’s important to check the requirements at your donation center so you don’t miss out.

Most donation centers offer free WiFi. That way, you can bring a device with you and stream or browse the internet. You can also bring a book to pass the time.

How painful is it to donate plasma?

If you are considering selling plasma you may have concerns about whether it will hurt. The simple answer is that there is minimal pain. Some donors experience mild discomfort like a needle stick, but many donors find it manageable.

With the preparation you can make your plasma donation more comfortable:

  • Drink plenty of water before donating
  • Squeeze your hand
  • Try to relax
  • Get distracted while reading a book or using your mobile device.

The more you donate, the more you will get used to the sensation. Many donors report that the pain disappears after multiple donations. So try not to worry about donating.

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