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It is that time of the year. Time to pack up the tent or trailer and get out into nature. Our family camps a lot in our little truck camper, which the kids cleverly called “Troller the Trailer”.

We love to spend our summer days outside and our evenings around the campfire. After many weekends, we’ve learned that when camping with children, comfort is key. We collect recipes that are quick, easy, and able to feed our family after a full day of fun, sun, and non-stop activities.

Here are seven of our favorite family camping dinner ideas, along with family-friendly tips for preparing dinner.

Cooking tips for family camping

Before we dive into our favorite family camping dinner ideas, here are a few tips to keep in mind before you pack.

Prepare as much of your camping meal as you can before you set off

The more you can prepare before you leave, the better. Cut your vegetables, prepare marinades or sauces, and even skewer your meat for shish kebabs. You can also use your spacious kitchen, helpful tools, and dishwasher for as long as you can. While I love a good campfire meal, I don’t want to spend hours preparing it.

Keep it simple

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to eat burgers and hot dogs all the time. But you also want to have a camping recipe that is easy and convenient to make. Nobody wants to wash multiple pots and pans after a camping dinner. Look for meals that require a minimal number of ingredients – and a minimal amount of dishes.

Think about how you are going to prepare your camping meal

If you are camping in a trailer with a stove, you are likely ready to prepare your meals. If you’re camping it out, you might want to invest in a camping stove. There are all types of camping stoves. Single and double burners, lightweight and portable ovens, and windproof ovens. Which camping stove is right for you depends on the type of camping (campsite or backcountry), the number of people you need to feed and the complexity of your meals.

If you really want to keep your camping eating situation simple, you can just cook over the fire. In this case, you need to choose foods that can be easily cooked over an open flame, e.g. B. Food in foil packaging.

Don’t forget your cooking utensils

As you choose recipes and prepare your meal, don’t forget about the tools you will need to carry out your recipe. For example, if you plan to bring shish kebab skewers, make sure you have the correct skewers. If you’re cooking over a fire, metal shish kebabs are a must. If you want to make burgers, be sure to bring a pinball machine as well. A cast iron pan is one of our most important tools as you can use it on a stove or over the fire and cook anything with it. A sturdy saucepan is also a must-have for anything from a boiled egg to oatmeal to pasta.

7 ideas for a family camping dinner

Here are some of our tried and true family dinner ideas. You can use these recipes for inspiration when planning your next family adventure. We love these easy camping food ideas because they are delicious and child safe.

Classic homemade burger

What could be better than a juicy burger while camping? We love this classic homemade burger recipe because it only needs a few ingredients. You can prepare these burgers in advance and simply place them on the grill or over the fire. Then make them with burger toppings of your choice.

Hearty pasta salad

Do that Pasta salad recipe and keep it in a sealable container. You can open this pasta salad for a quick dinner or a camping lunch. Fill it with vegetables or add chicken or tuna to make it even heartier. It’s quick, cheap, tasty, and easy to customize.

Turkey chili

There’s nothing I love more than a stew when we’re camping. you can do that Turkey Chilli Recipe in advance and just heat it when you are ready to eat. This chilli recipe uses turkey, which I like for a lighter summer option. You can bring some grated cheese, sour cream, or avocado to sprinkle over a hot bowl.

Chicken and Vegetable Shish Kabobs

Shish kabobs are an easy camping meal because you can cook them entirely in advance. And when it comes to camping, there is nothing like eating on a stick. It’s fun to eat and easy to clean. This Chicken and vegetable shashlik ensures a healthy and tasty camping dinner for your family.


Quesadillas are a great lunch or dinner while you are camping. This easy chicken quesadilla recipe only needs five ingredients. Quesadillas can be easily cooked on a small camping stove with a frying pan, or you can wrap them in aluminum foil to cook over the fire.

Dinner pancakes

Our kids love it when we have breakfast for dinner. It’s a fun change, and it’s delicious. This is our favorite Pancake recipe you can do that in advance. We add strawberries, blueberries or bananas to the dough to enhance the taste. Maple syrup is also a must. If you want to make it even easier, cook your pancakes at home and bring them with you. You can quickly reheat them in a pan over the fire.

If your family is more into French toast than pancakes, then the same is true! Just do it at home and warm it up for a light campfire meal.

Campfire frittata

Another breakfast hit for our family is the campfire frittata. You can keep this frittata recipe vegetarian or add some breakfast sausage to make it heartier and more filling. You can cook all the vegetables in advance. All you have to do for dinner is to mix all of the ingredients together in a cast iron pan over the campfire or stove. It’s that easy!

Pro Tip: Use leftovers with some tortillas to create a simple takeaway breakfast burrito bar with toppings that the whole family can personalize.

Happy camping!

We tested a ton of different camping recipes and these are some of our favorites. These recipes meet all of our camping criteria: they’re simple, can be prepared in advance, require minimal cleaning, and are customizable. Most importantly, they are all child tested and approved! Have fun cooking in the camp, from our family to yours!

– From Jessica Martel

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