Greatest or Worst 3D Animation Video Maker APP?


Last updated on June 1, 2021 by Justin Su

Are you an animated video editor or maker? Yes? Then you need to use AvatarBuilder. Today I’m going to post a review on one of the most popular content creation tools.

Today I’m going to be posting an article on the AvatarBuilder Review in this article. This is my honest review but not a short review so read and understand it.

What is AvatarBuilder?

AvatarBuilder is a 3D animation that will help you create a human-like avatar face. It is the world’s first visual custom 3D avatar creation platform.

It is said that AvatarBuilder is the first software to help its users create a custom human-style 3D avatar. Such tools are often used for marketing purposes to promote things like products, apps, websites or other services.

It can be said to be one of the new tech edge apps based on artificial intelligence for video animation purposes. This software is not free so you have to buy it.

The software is very easy to use as there is no need to select and drop a line or action, just paste or write your content and AI will help you convert the text into a video.

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Who should use Avatar Builder 3D?

Anyone who wants to promote their product online can use this software to create videos for their promotional purposes. The following people mostly use this app.

1) entrepreneur.

2) Video Marketer.

3) content creators.

4) Affiliate Marketer.

5) Online business owner.

6) Coaches and consultants.

7) teacher.

8) YouTuber and course creator.

9) Agency owner.

10) Freelancer.

11) newbies.

12) Digital Marketers.

Main functions of AvatarBuilder

This software comes with a lot of new and unique features that other software doesn’t have, at least for now. Below are some of the key features.

Visual custom avatar builder

The most important and first important feature of this app is that you can create your own 3D avatar based on your needs. You can create any type of avatars for your marketing goals.

Different 3D avatars

There are a number of avatars available in this app that you can use to customize your video. These avatars can be used free of charge with a purchased license.

It allows you to customize the avatar according to your needs. All you have to do is choose an avatar and start editing.

Logo mapping function

The app or software has a unique 3D logo mapping feature that allows you to design a branding logo for your company or website in 3D

Your logo can be more popular and attractive to your client with its logo.

Text to video

If you use any other tool, you will rarely find this feature. And even these features of most software are paid, but get them for free here.

With this software, you can easily convert your text to video.

Text to speech

Do you have a language problem with audio? Or are you unable to add an attractive voice to your video or audio? Then you should try them out.

Here you can convert your text into audio without language barriers and with a clear voice.

In-app voice recording

You can add your voice-over video at any time and in any way you want. This means that you are in control of your video and can customize it to suit your needs.

People watch the animated videos, but with their real voice.

Who is the founder of AvatarBuilder?

There are two people behind this software. Are Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar, not much information is available for either, but some sources say they are technicians.

They’re, in a sense, tech entrepreneurs, writers, speakers, and consultants. Paul Ponna has been in this industry for 14 years.

Both belong to Canada and work on this software alone.

Should you buy AvatarBuilder?

More than thousands of people have downloaded the Avatar Builder 3D software. From this we can say, yes, you should buy the AvatarBuilder app.

They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the software, you can request a refund.

AvatarBuilder 3D

$ 47


  • Low price for new users
  • Copyright free music library
  • Customize 3D video creator
  • Add your own voice
  • Easy to use


  • One-time user price may increase
  • Price can be increased without notice
  • The video length is a maximum of 6 minutes

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