Google Search permits you to see if a health care provider or healthcare facility takes your insurance coverage

Google is rolling out some updates to Google Search to help users find doctors and healthcare providers who are right for them. These updates include being able to see if a doctor or health care provider is accepting your insurance and speaking your language.

Health insurance. Google search can now show you which insurance networks the doctor or health care provider might accept. You can also filter providers in the mobile search results on Google according to the insurance plans that are accepted. This enables users to determine if a provider accepts their insurance, including Medicare, private and employer-funded insurance, government health programs, and more.

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Speak my language. Healthcare providers and doctors can also edit their Google business profile listing to define the languages ​​spoken in their offices. According to Google, patients want “to be able to communicate clearly in the language of their choice”. According to Google, there are over a dozen languages ​​represented, including Spanish and American Sign Language.

How to update your data. According to Google, you can update the details of your healthcare facilities on your Google Company Profile. So make sure you verify your business on Google. Then you can:

  • Add additional insurance providers who accept them from a pre-filled list of available insurance providers
  • Remove mistakenly listed insurance providers and networks

Note that if all insurance information is removed, the feature will be disabled. For other insurance-related information and issues, providers can send feedback directly to the Google My Business support team.

Why we care. Finding a health care provider or doctor can be intimidating for some, so any opportunity to make finding a doctor easier is important.

Those of you who have healthcare providers as customers should make sure that the insurance information in Google search results is correct for your customers. Also, don’t forget to update the health care provider’s Google company profile, the easiest way to ensure that Google has the latest information about your facility.

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