Google pronounces new offers sections, promotional instruments and expanded reporting forward of the vacation purchasing season


As retailers prepare for the Christmas shopping season, Google is introducing new sections in its search results to showcase deals, introduce promotion highlighting tools, and expand reporting capabilities in the Google Merchant Center, the company announced on Wednesday.

The new deal areas. The new “Offers Related to Your Search” section displays discounted or low-cost products from retailers on the Internet. This section is now live and can be found in the Shopping tab.

The “Offers related to your search” section on the Google Shopping tab. Image: Google.

Also, when users search for deals during large retail sales events like Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, Google displays a new carousel that highlights relevant deals along with other related sales information. This new SERP feature will be available in October – just in time for the aforementioned shopping holidays.

Google_Shopping_Deals_Black_FridayThe Deals section that may appear when users are looking for major retail sales events. Image: Google.

Promotions and offers uploaded via the Google Merchant Center are automatically displayed to users on the Shopping tab, even if the retailer or manufacturer does not place any ads on Google. “Offers are displayed based on factors like the discount itself, the popularity of a product, the popularity of the website it is listed on, and more,” Google said in the announcement.

New advertising tools. Google offers two new ways for merchants to attract new customers and highlight their promotions:

  • Dealers can now indicate that a promotion is only available for first-time customers (e.g. a “10% discount for new customers” promotion). These promotions will still be shown to everyone, but only eligible buyers can access the promotional price.
  • Promotions can now be highlighted in free listings on the Shopping tab. To do this, navigate to the “Advertising” tab in the Google Merchant Center and select which offers should appear in free entries (or alternatively be supported by advertising spending).

Extended bestseller report. Historical bestseller data and data on relative demand are included in the bestsellers report in Google Merchant Center.

google_best_seller_reportThe bestseller report in the Google Merchant Center. Image: Google.

This report can be accessed once a merchant enables market information in Merchant Center or Google BigQuery.

Why we care. The new offering areas may give retailers the opportunity to showcase their products at competitive prices. This can also help retailers attract new customers during their main season of the year, the big shopping break. In addition, the deal carousel is displayed on the main results page, so users are more likely to see these deals as they don’t have to go to the shopping tab first.

The new promotional tools can help retailers raise awareness of their sales and attract first-time customers.

Historical bestseller data can be used to make decisions ahead of the upcoming shopping vacation. And relative demand data can help retailers compare demand between products in the same category and in the same country, which can help them stock the right products.

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