Google Service provider Middle now exhibits relative visibility, web page overlap price and better place price metrics

Competitive visibility reports in Google Merchant Center are now available in open beta, Google has confirmed to Search Engine Land. The metrics in the reports include relative visibility, page overlap rate, and higher position rate.

Tip of the hat to Gianpaolo Lorusso, who made us aware of it.

A screenshot of the relative visibility report. Image: Gabriele Benedetti & Giusi Lombardi.

Why we care. Competitor visibility metrics can help merchants understand how often their competitor’s offers are displayed versus their offers, how often competitor offers are displayed on the same page with their offer, and how often a competitor’s offer has been ranked higher than his offer.

This data can help merchants get a more detailed view of their reach in shopping ads and free listings (specific or combined), who their competitors are and how visible their offers are compared to their competitors. This can help identify aspects of their campaigns that they can be improved upon for greater relative visibility.

The metrics. The competitive visibility report includes three metrics – relative visibility, page overlap rate, and higher position rate. This is how Google defined each of these metrics.

  • Relative visibility: Relative visibility shows how often your competitors’ offers are displayed compared to your offers. In other words, this is the number of displayed impressions from a competing retailer divided by the number of your displayed impressions during a selected time period for a selected product category and country.
  • Page Overlap Rate: The Page Overlap Rate describes how often the offers of competing dealerships are displayed together with your offers on the same page. In other words, this shows the number of times you and a competing retailer received an impression on at least one listing that was displayed divided by the number of times you received an impression on at least one listing.
  • Higher position rate: Higher position rate shows the number of times a competitor’s offer was placed in a higher position on the page than your offer. In other words, the number of times the competing retailer received an impression for at least one product in a higher position on the page than you divided by the number of times you and a retailer appeared on the same page together.

How to Access the Competitive Visibility Report. The report is currently limited to offers that are eligible to generate traffic in the United States. After merchants log into their Merchant Center account, they can click Performance on the side menu. Next, select Competitive Visibility.

The report has two tabs. The first tab (“Your Competitors”) shows the competitive visibility of pre-selected competitors, while the second tab (“Top Dealers”) shows the aggregated competitive visibility of the best performing dealers. Both tabs can be filtered by product category, listing type and time period.

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