GiveGab’s Civic Giving Days Raised $124 Million In 2020, Up 60%: Report


GiveGab donation days, which ran from 2017 to 2020, saw an average increase of 97% over those four years. … [+] according to a new data report from GiveGab.


According to a new data report from GiveGab, the growth in donation days since 2015 has exceeded that of traditional fundraisers by almost 12 to 1.

The “Giving Day Data Report” published on July 7th covers the GiveGab portfolio from its introduction with four donation days in 2015 to 2020 with 244 donation days in the USA

Over those six years, GiveGab has supported more than 400 fundraising days, which the company defines as “24-hour (or longer) fundraising challenges aimed at reaching groups of people in a specific region, occasion, event, or event particular educational institution to gather “.

And according to the report, a giving day averaged $ 110,216 in the first year; tripled to $ 405,261 by year three; and passed the million dollar mark in the fifth year.

In particular, NH Gives *, a nationwide New Hampshire fundraising day, saw a 526% year-over-year increase from $ 554,965 in 2019 to $ 3,372,355 in 2020. Last month, NH Gives raised $ 3,863,379 in 2021.

Prior to being acquired by EveryAction in April 2021, Ithaca, NY-based GiveGab had helped more than 40,000 nonprofits raise more than $ 2 billion.

The most popular month for GiveGab’s Donation Days was December as nonprofits try to use the year-end donations. (In 2019 and 2020, GivingTuesday landed in December; this year, GivingTuesday takes place on November 30.)

But the most popular time of year for fundraising days, according to GiveGab, is spring, with a significant number of days scheduled annually in the first week of May. According to the report, many fundraising days began as part of the “Give Local America” movement, dubbed the “national game day” for community foundations. The Kimbia-powered effort ran from 2014 to 2016, but a massive technical glitch during the national event in May 2016 resulted in the movement disbanding.

The takeover of Kimbia by GiveGab in January 2018 meant significant growth in its portfolio. While many of the donation days that have run parallel for years at the beginning of May retained their branding, they were planned elsewhere in the calendar.

In 2019, GiveGab’s 49 days of donation raised $ 77,828,309; In 2020, even if almost all of the events took place after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the 90 Citizen Donation Days raised $ 124,039,315. Education Days revenue has already more than doubled year over year – $ 95,370,072 in 2020 to $ 194,097,987 and in 2021.

* Disclosure: As the Giving Day Guy, I work with a number of fundraising days, including NH Gives and other GiveGab clients, to help them create social media content for their annual fundraising days.

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