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Are you an avid coupon connoisseur or are you discovering discounts when you shop? Do you have a budding affiliate marketer ready for additional income? What if we told you you actually can do Money from finding and sharing discount codes?

We all love to go shopping now and then, to treat ourselves and our loved ones to a new dress or pair of shoes. The better it feels when you use a coupon or discount code and get a bargain.

Almost 87% of Britons have used an online coupon code at least once, and one in four people hunt for a discount code every time they shop.

Websites that specialize in sharing discount codes with consumers, such as Honey and VoucherCodes, work with businesses. They promote the discount codes and drive traffic to the companies’ website in exchange for a percentage of all sales made with these codes.

Affiliate links work in a similar way. Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic used by businesses to increase sales and generate income online. So beneficial that in 2020 a whopping 81% of businesses in the UK have started implementing affiliate marketing on their networks.

Now it is your turn to use these techniques to make money. It’s easier than you might think …

Become a Discount Code ‘Hunter’

Back in May of this year, NHS Discount Offers recruited five shopping experts to scour the internet to find the best deals, discounts and deals for NHS employees. “Executives with discount codes” were to be paid up to £ 120 a day based on how many offers were redeemed, and were given £ 1,000 for anything they wanted. Even if they’re not currently recruiting, keep an eye on their site to make sure you’re the first to get on the next time you recruit.

Similarly,, a website that enables you to find professionals in any profession imaginable, has already published a call for professional “coupon hunters” who are rewarded $ 15 for those passionate about good deals Offer £ per hour. Keep an eye on the website for future opportunities. We have already written an article about this possibility and how you can find out if couponing is your true calling.

For our readers in the US, you pay sites like Coupon Chief to find and submit coupons for others to use. By giving working discount codes to the site you will receive 2% of all sales made with that particular code sent to you monthly by check. You can take part here.

How to find discount codes online

“Where can I find discounts that I can share online?” We hear you ask. The Balance Everyday suggests seven different ways you can search the internet for online discount and promotional codes. This includes visiting any number of discount code websites such as VoucherCodes and My Voucher Codes, as well as visiting retailer websites directly to receive exclusive offers. Recently, a secret trick was also revealed by an internet user to find discount codes in Facebook’s advertising library.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Earn money, find and share discounts

Being an “affiliate” sounds a bit formal and boring, but in reality it just means making money promoting products for other companies.

You can earn commissions by marketing a company’s products and generate passive income that will allow you to earn while walking your dog, making pottery in the garden, and even sleeping. Below we discuss some affiliate programs and how to use them.

Yazing, Amazon and Awin

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Not only does Yazing pay you for shopping by offering amazing cashback deals on your purchases, but you also get cash rewards for promoting discount codes and generating traffic that leads to sales. Whether you share your unique promo codes with your friends, family, coworkers or on your social media platforms, you will receive a commission for every sale made through your affiliate link. Yazing pays your earnings directly to your PayPal account with no minimum income required. Fast, easy and very little effort. Here you can sign up.

Amazon partner

Perhaps the best known affiliate program is the Amazon Associates program. As one of the largest affiliate programs in the world, it helps people benefit from the products they love. As you probably know, Amazon has millions of products for sale that you can create affiliate links from and share them on your social media platforms or with loved ones.

Do you have a blog, website, or are you creating content in any form? For example, do you have a YouTube channel? There you can share your links! This is great for content creators who have a specific niche. If you blog about vintage cars, you can promote a specific book about it or, as a beauty blogger, create an affiliate link for your favorite products. Creating links that are specifically targeted to your target audience is very beneficial. Login here.

a victory

Awin is an affiliate marketing platform that you can use to start your journey and make money. They work with companies like Marks and Spencer, B&Q and Very. If you have a blog, online follower (no matter how big or small), or website, Awin welcomes you to join their affiliate program and start generating affiliate links to share with your followers. Your followers not only save, they earn! Login here.

Create your own website or page to advertise discount codes

Earn money, find and share discounts

If you have the time, you can also create your own website or social media page to share, promote, and generate traffic for your affiliate links. That way, all of your codes and links are in one place and you can earn commissions every time you use them.

First of all, you need to decide on a niche that you want to focus on – we say this because it is often easier if you narrow down to a specific niche rather than trying to attract everyone. For example, you can focus on discount codes for women’s fashion or maybe housewares. You can always expand the breadth of your topic later, but getting specific followers who you know will be interested in the offers you are promoting is a great way to generate conversions. After that, you need to choose a website name and URL – try to choose something catchy and memorable while keeping in mind that people should at least have an idea of ​​what your website is about. Then you can start building your website or social media page and make sure you add an email sign up link so your customers can be notified when new offers are uploaded.

Remember it is important to market your website and share it where and whenever you can in order to drive traffic to your website and increase the chances of your codes being used – trust us, the Building Traffic Is Hard Work! If your website attracts, you can also reach out to companies yourself and negotiate your own offers and exclusive codes. We previously wrote an article listing many useful tools for both freelancers and start-ups.

Additional instructions on how to start your own coupon website can be found here.

Cashback websites

Cashback websites do exactly what they promise – when you spend money online, you get a percentage of the sale back, saving you money on your purchases and getting rewarded for your purchase. Not only can you save money, but some cashback websites offer you cash rewards for referring your friends.

TopCashback’s The Tell-a-Friend program rewards you with £ 7.50 free cashback for each person who signs up on the website with your personal referral code. You can share your code through Facebook, Twitter, and email. The only catch is that each person you refer must earn £ 10 cashback before receiving your reward. However, with some companies offering a whopping 15% cashback, it shouldn’t take too long.

Now you have the tools you need; We hope you are inspired to make money by sharing discount codes and affiliate links. Go share and earn!

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