Fb’s New ‘Sensible Crop’ Characteristic for Automated Video Modifying Is Now Out there In Creator Studio


This could come in handy for those who want to re-use their video assets and / or experiment without investing in significant re-recordings or edits.

Back in March, Facebook began testing a new “Smart Cropping” option for video editing in Creator Studio, the machine learning to identify the most interesting areas in your video content and then provide automatic edits based on these calculations.

Now Facebook is making its new Smart Cropping feature more widely available, with the option now accessible in the video upload flow in Creator Studio.

As you can see here, Smart Cropping allows you to automatically create a 1: 1 or 4: 5 version of any video clip, with Facebook’s system identifying the key focus elements and optimizing them based on those points.

As explained by Facebook:

“Smart Crop optimizes the main theme of the content, keeping the main themes centered and in-frame. You can publish this video directly to Creator Studio and review the newly framed video before it is published. You can also compare the framed version with the original before it is published to decide which version to publish. “

Facebook Smart Cropping Facebook

Facebook uses similar technology with its portal video calling device, the automatically pans and zooms as you chat to ensure the speakers stay in the picture. The portal also automatically expands when someone walks into the room, and this is the same type of object recognition Facebook now uses when auto-cropping videos, which sounds like it might produce different results. But it can also save you a lot of time on certain types of uploads.

At least if you’re dealing with a lot of video, it might be worth experimenting with. The new feature is now available in Creator Studio in the Upload Video component of the post creation flow.

Thanks to Ahmed Ghanem for posting the update.

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