Fb Launches Redesigned Settings Format to Make it Simpler to Discover Every Factor


Facebook is introducing a redesigned settings page in the app to make it easier to find the various tools and options available to you to customize and improve your individual experience on the platform.

As you can see here, the updated format offers more space between each item, with less text on the main screen to clutter your view and better guide you to each option. It also groups several items together, reducing the number of main options displayed – for example, the new Payments menu will include all payment tools instead of currently listing each one individually.

As explained by Facebook:

Whether it’s managing the ads people see, adjusting sharing settings, or curating a target audience for posts, people shouldn’t have to worry about where to start. Because of this, we’ve reduced the number of categories and renamed them to better fit people’s mental models. “

The Settings display, Facebook Notes, is now divided into six broad categories, each of which covers various related tools and options.

These categories are:

  • account
  • settings
  • Audience and visibility
  • Permissions
  • your information
  • Community standards and legal guidelines

Either way, it’s a simplified, streamlined approach, with the clearer, more focused format making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, which should help users better understand the various options available.

Facebook says the updated format also made it possible Move multiple stand-alone settings so that they are positioned next to related settings on the display.

“For example, the News Feed setting that previously lived in a smaller category of its own is now under Settings, where it’s grouped with similar settings.”

That makes sense – now, for example, when you update your settings, all of your options are available to you in that one section instead of having them listed in their various functional areas.

Facebook has also updated its settings search tools to help users find the section they need, and instead completely removed the “Privacy Settings” category Move each privacy element to different, related categories. What might seem like Facebook is trying to limit the use of its privacy options, but Facebook says that by including each privacy tool in related categories, this is better tailored to how users want to customize their experience.

But just to be sure, Facebook added a new link to the Privacy Checkup at the top of the Settings landing page (which you can see in the screenshot above).

Functionally, the update doesn’t add anything new, it simply rearranges the elements into a more user-friendly format that, ideally, better aligns with how users find and implement each aspect.

Of course, we can only go into what Facebook says about how users interact with their settings options, but the example shows a more user-friendly, focused settings layout that can help optimize usage.

The redesigned Facebook settings layout will be rolled out to all users starting today, about Android, iOS, mobile web and FB Lite.

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