eight Reasonably priced Furnishings Shops To Assist Furnish Your New Dwelling


You have just moved into your first apartment or upgraded to a larger location for the first time. You have all this space and dream big about how to fill it.

But … furniture is expensive. Where can you find furniture to fill all that space?

Don’t do what i did When I was in this situation, before I had my financial life together, I jumped in and bought some expensive furniture to fill the first apartment my wife and I shared. Big mistake. The furniture was expensive, we went into debt for it and it didn’t really match the room. There are many better approaches to furnishing a small apartment or house, and finding an inexpensive source of furniture is a good place to start.

Tips for Finding Affordable Furniture

  • Start the entry level and from there slowly update it as needed. Instead of buying expensive furniture across the board, start with low-end furniture to meet all of your needs and then slowly upgrade the furniture as needed. It is a terrible step to buy an expensive couch for a room only to find out later that the couch is not really right.
  • Check out the big stores. Big box stores often offer good low-end and midrange furniture at a very affordable price. These items are perfect for first-time furniture. From there, you can upgrade them as you wish.
  • Ask friends and family. In some areas there may be small chains or local stores with cheap prices. Talk to friends and family in your area to find these places.
  • If possible, pick it up yourself. While some furniture stores offer free shipping, discounters usually don’t. If you can, pick it up yourself.
  • Use thrift stores, but be careful. Second hand and consignment stores can be good places to find inexpensive wooden furniture. However, avoid taking padded and padded items home with you as they may contain bed bugs or other items that you do not want in your house. Use thrift stores for things like your first end table.
  • Check the outlet stores. Many larger furniture stores also have outlet stores where they sell the last pieces of a model that is out of stock. This can be a good place to get a standalone piece at a great price.
  • Only use store credit cards if you can pay off the card in full immediately. Many furniture stores offer private label credit cards that you can use to finance the furniture. Only use furniture store credit cards if they offer a nice discount on furniture and only if you can cash out the card in full right away. Avoid buying furniture unless you can afford it out of pocket and only use credits as a resource to make purchasing easy.
  • Shop online, but only for beginners. While online shopping works well for some entry-level items, it is difficult to perfectly match colors using online tools, and it is also difficult to assess the level of comfort. Visiting a store and seeing the pieces assembled is a good idea, especially for anything that is expensive that you want to keep for many years.
  • When purchasing clearance items or outlet items, ask for additional discounts. Usually stores are not made to move on their items at full price. However, if the items are on sale or in an outlet section, you might be able to get them to lower the price a little further. This is especially true if you are buying a floor model and can point out minor issues with it.

8 Affordable Furniture Stores

The stores listed below have a reputation for selling quality furniture at great prices. While many of them focus on entry-level furniture, they offer solid pieces in this price range that will perfectly suit your needs, especially if this is your first time furnishing a space.


Locations: 45 states and territories
HomeGoods is a general purpose home furnishing store that sells furniture, bedding, kitchen gadgets, and other items at competitive prices. Items change frequently in store and haircuts are frequent, making repeat visits worthwhile. However, individual items are often not in stock in large quantities. So if you find the right item, especially if you are getting a discount right now, then this is the place to go.


cheap bedroom sets

Locations: 24 states
IKEA is a Swedish shop that offers a huge range of furniture and other housewares at static prices. Many items are perfect for home and apartment firsts mixed with others that can serve as upgraded items. The New Movers program offers a nice discount for customers who purchase multiple items at the same time. The IKEA Family card is free and offers several discounts. Another plus with IKEA furniture is that it is very “hackable” which means that it can be easily adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Affordable Furniture Stores - Bob's

Locations: 22 states
Bob’s Discount Furniture (sometimes just Bob’s Furniture) has great prices on most of their own branded furniture types. They’re perfect for your first set of furniture, though you’ll want to upgrade individual pieces over time. They tend to turn items into their store quickly. So whenever you visit Bob’s be sure to stop by this section, especially if you are looking for a single item.


cheap furniture stores target

Locations: Worldwide
Target is a big box retailer that is everywhere but does a good job making very affordable entry-level furniture. This is the best place if you don’t have to spend a lot but really need a single piece that looks great, is comfortable, and doesn’t have to last forever. Super Targets generally have a much better selection in the store, but smaller targets work well for displaying pieces as there are many variations on most of the items available online.


affordable furniture stores - overstock

Locations: only online
Overstock.com makes a name for itself by focusing on overcrowded articles. This means that the items they have for sale have great prices, but the exact listings change quickly when the items sell out. Overstock.com is a good place to visit frequently if you have a pretty clear idea of ​​what you’re looking for, as you can patiently wait for something similar to appear. When it does, it is usually available at a cheap price.

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affordable furniture stores -wayfair.com

Locations: only online
The great advantage of Wayfair is that their choice is enormous. They have thousands upon thousands of furniture, the prices of which vary everywhere. So one strategy is to find an article you like and then look for cheaper versions in the Similar Articles section of the page. Many items on the site also come in many colors and offer free shipping on orders over $ 49. While you won’t get an amazing discount at Wayfair, the more likely you will find a good item based on your selections in your exact price range.

Large quantities

cheap furniture stores - large quantities

Locations: Nationwide
Big Lots is a discount store for all types of goods, but they usually have a very good selection of furniture in the store. There are two big reasons to give big lots a chance. First, their clearance sales usually offer very strong discounts. So it pays to check the store regularly to see what goes into the clearance sale. Second, after signing up, the customer service program offers a 15% discount on your first purchase. So when you’re ready to make a significant purchase, sign up to save even more.


Locations: only online
Floyd is a newcomer to the furniture world. They’re the highest priced option on this list, but they’re notable for three reasons. First, the furniture they make is very sturdy and durable. Second, their furniture is designed to be easily portable and maneuverable, and very easy to disassemble into a few parts to move around a house or a new place. Third, given these two characteristics, their prices are very reasonable. They are a good choice if you are an apartment resident who moves frequently but wants to slowly start improving the quality of furniture from IKEA and other offerings, as this material allows you to move several times.

Too long, not read?

Furnishing a home can be a very expensive undertaking. A great way to start decorating your home for the first time is to fill the space with cheap stuff and then slowly upgrade to nicer, more permanent items as needed. Each of the stores here have good options for inexpensive furniture and plenty of shopping!

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