Ecommerce Product Releases: Could 2, 2021


Here is a list of late April product releases and updates from companies providing services to online retailers. There are updates on storefronts, payment services, tax compliance, fraud protection and virtual photo and video recordings.

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E-commerce product versions

Mailchimp presents deals and dates. Mailchimp has introduced two free commerce features as part of its marketing platform: stores and appointments. Stores allow merchants to create an online storefront, add and edit products, process orders, and configure payment, taxes, and shipping. With the help of appointments, companies can book and manage services online. Both products provide direct access to Mailchimp’s marketing platform to find, build and connect with consumers. The stores are now being rolled out in beta and will be available to all customers in the US and UK until May 18th. Dates are available since April 28th.

Mailchimp Blog: Introduction to Mailchimp Deals and Events.

Adobe and FedEx start collaboration. Adobe and FedEx have announced a multi-year collaboration beginning with the integration of Adobe Commerce with ShopRunner, an e-commerce platform and a subsidiary of FedEx Services. The integration gives Adobe resellers access to FedEx post-purchase logistics information that can help increase demand, reduce costs, and generate customer intelligence.

GoDaddy launches Poynt, a payment extension for WooCommerce and WordPress. GoDaddy is launching a free WooCommerce payment extension that allows merchants to accept major credit and debit cards for WooCommerce and WordPress. The Poynt, a trademark of GoDaddy, is available on the WordPress marketplace for US businesses. Store owners can instantly accept payments through Poynt with no setup fees or contracts. Store owners pay a 2.9 percent fee plus $ 0.30 per transaction and are paid the next business day.

BringgGreen helps retailers and logistics service providers to reduce CO2 emissions. Bringg, a cloud-based delivery and fulfillment provider, has announced the launch of its BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice. With services that focus on green fleet selection, carbon emissions reporting, transparent internal and external sustainability communications and business innovation, BringgGreen offers retailers a competitive advantage as consumers increasingly support those with sustainability initiatives. The new suite of services will help retailers and their logistics providers reduce their carbon footprint by focusing on last mile operations.

Homepage: BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice.

BringgGreen Sustainability Tech Practice

Amazon launches Intellectual Property Accelerator in Canada. Amazon launched the Intellectual Property Accelerator in Canada, which makes it easier and cheaper for small and medium-sized businesses to preserve trademarks, protect their trademarks, and combat violations of goods both in Amazon’s stores and in the broader market. IP Accelerator is available for every brand sold in Amazon stores. It connects Canadian business owners directly to a curated network of local law firms that charge reduced, pre-negotiated rates for key services.

Soona raises $ 10.2 million to scale the platform for virtual content creation. Soona, a virtual e-commerce content creation platform, has raised $ 10.2 million in Series A funding under the direction of Union Square Ventures. Soona technology enables virtual photo and video capture and is transforming the way brands create content for e-commerce and marketing. The company will use the funds to expand its proprietary camera-to-cloud technology and introduce a subscription product. Soona solves three problems in connection with brand content: quality creatives from professionals, fast 24-hour processing and transparent pricing. Soona focuses on four core industries: Beauty and Cosmetics, Fashion and Shoes, Housewares and Pet Care.

Stripe acquires TaxJar to help online businesses comply with tax regulations. Stripe has agreed to acquire TaxJar, a provider of sales tax software for Internet companies. TaxJar helps companies automate tasks such as: B. the provision of precise sales tax rates at the checkout, which are tied to the address of the customer. automatic filing of tax returns to local jurisdictions and remittance of the sales tax collected; Preparation of local jurisdiction reports showing sales and sales tax levied; and evaluation of a company’s products and intelligent suggestion of the correct product tax code.

TaxJar homepage announcing the takeover by Stripe


PayPal introduces Fraud Protection Advanced. PayPal Fraud Protection Advanced uses machine learning to protect itself against fraud. It is available immediately to Braintree dealers. Fraud Protection Advanced rates Braintree processed transactions involving Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Secure Remote Commerce. According to PayPal, Fraud Protection Advanced can adapt to changing fraud patterns more precisely and faster than other fraud prevention services, as more than 15 billion transactions are accessed annually from both the merchant and consumer side.

eBay offers free Terapeak product research to all sellers. eBay sellers no longer require a store subscription to access Terapeak product research. With this investigation, sellers can check eBay marketplace data to see what is selling where and for how much. Terapeak Product Research can optimize listing titles, item specifications, prices, and more. Also included is a new Terapeak Sourcing Insights tool that offers functions to source new inventory, identify optimal categories, and track trends.

Per Diem raises $ 2.26 million to help local businesses build subscription programs. Per Diem, a startup supported by Y Combinator, has announced a $ 2.3 million seed funding round led by Two Sigma Ventures. Per Diem helps local businesses develop their own subscription programs by offering software for ordering, picking up and delivering, making payments, and more. Per Diem also emphasizes a strong store experience for subscribers. The startup is currently focused on New York, but also works with companies in Phoenix and Washington, DC

Homepage of Per Diem

Per day

Oro launches marketplace to promote multi-channel sales. OroCommerce announced the launch of OroMarketplace, a platform that allows sellers to implement marketplaces for B2B, B2C, ordering franchise networks, sourcing services, appointments and physical goods. Oro’s mission is to provide B2B companies with software that drives growth and adapts to changing needs.

USPS is expanding the pick-up locations for packages. USPS has made package pickup available in more areas and added 15 zip codes under which customers and businesses can use the service. USPS periodically checks postcodes for inclusion in the pickup, which is currently available in more than 41,900 postcodes nationwide. This service allows customers to schedule a package collection at no additional cost when their mail is delivered or picked up the next day as part of regular delivery by a USPS carrier. All packages must be prepaid. There is no limit to the number of packages that can be left for collection.

Sidecar publishes “2021 Benchmarks Report”. The global pandemic resulted in profound improvements in the return on advertising costs and a reduction in the cost per acquisition on the primary ad platforms. This comes from Sidecar’s “2021 Benchmarks Report”, a new retail study that examined five digital advertising platforms and six key metrics in 16 retail segments. Sidecar examined thousands of ad campaigns for hundreds of US retailers and calculated the average performance benchmarks by ad platform, retail segment, and monthly spend. Sidecar has been producing the annual benchmark report since 2017. This version 2021 is the company’s first analysis of ad performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

Screenshot from Sidecar's

Sidecar “2021 Benchmarks Report”.

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