Easy methods to Promote Used Toys

As our children got older, I found myself in a storage room full of toys that we no longer used. Instead of bringing joy and fun to other children, the toys just took up space.

If you feel like your home is overflowing with kids’ items that you no longer use, consider selling some of your gently worn clothes and toys.

In this article, I’m going to share some of the best places to sell used kids’ toys online and locally. I’ll also share some tips on how to price your used toy so that it will sell, and the best strategies for cleaning your used toys and kids’ clothes.

Toys everywhere, right?

When I became a parent, I vowed not to let children’s products and toys flood our homes. I wanted to keep things to a minimum. I mean, a toddler is usually more entertained by the box the toy comes in than the actual toy. Right?

Well, four years later, our home is not the vision of minimalism I was hoping for. While we’re pretty careful not to overdo it, and our house isn’t as full of kids’ toys as some of our friends, it feels like little plastic toys are stuck in every nook and cranny!

So I decided to inventory all of the children’s toys and decide which ones to sell. This decision not only helped free up some space, it also helped put some money in my pocket. A real win-win situation!

Pro tip: Decluttering is also a way to Teach young children how to let go of toys.

Where to sell used toys online

My first question when I started thinking about all of this was, “Can I actually make money selling used toys?”

The answer is yes!

My second question was, “Where can I sell used toys online?”

After experimenting with a number of different options, here are some of my favorites:

Facebook groups

One of the most effective ways to sell my child’s used toys and clothes was through Facebook groups. The process is simple. Just take a good photo of the toy, then list it in the group. Simple! The best part about using Facebook groups is that there aren’t any Listing fees (the amount charged for listing an item). That means you can keep all of your winnings!


eBay really is the OG of online sales. While eBay may be better suited for toys that are considered vintage or collectible, you may also get some luck selling regular children’s toys. eBay has a cost. You may be charged a listing fee, but if you have a basic eBay account you are entitled to 100 no listing fees per month on most items. When you sell your item, you will also be charged a so-called final value fee.


Another online resource that you can use to sell used children’s toys and clothing is Marcari. This site isn’t just for kids, it has used goods for everyone. What I like is that Mercari doesn’t charge any listing fees; However, you will be charged a 10% sales commission when your item is sold.

Where can you sell used toys locally?

If you don’t want to sell your child’s toys online, you can always go for local options. Some ideas are:

flea market

If you want to keep any profits from selling your used child’s toys or clothes, a garage sale may be the way to go. Yes, you have to put a lot of effort into promoting, setting up and running the flea market, but you also have to put more money in your pocket.

Once upon a time there was a child

I live near a “Once Upon a Child” shop and have brought my used children’s toys and clothes there several times. It’s a great sales process. I go in, drop off my things, they look at it while I shop, and then when I’m ready to check out they make me a cash offer. I can take the money or apply it to new toys and new clothes that I want to buy.

Child to child

Another great place to sell your beloved toys is Kid to Kid. Just prep your items and bring them to the store, no appointment required. While you shop, an appraiser will go over your equipment and then offer you a cash offer. You can take the cash or 20% more trade value.

Local thrift store

If you don’t have a children’s consignment store near you, you can bring your used toys to anyone Thrift shop.

How to price used toys

When you take your child’s clothes to a consignment store like Once Upon a Child, you don’t have a choice of how much your items sell. Instead, the shop makes you an offer and you can either accept or decline it. While you won’t always make as much money the way as you go, it can save you time and effort.

However, if you want to make the most of your money selling everything yourself, you need to know how to reasonably price used toys. If you want to sell, you need to know how much a toy is worth so that you can compete with the other sellers.

When determining the price of your used items, consider the following:

  • How old is the article?
  • How popular is the toy or item of clothing? (1990s Beanie Baby, I’m looking at you …)
  • What condition is the item in?
  • Is the item of clothing a brand or generic brand?

As a general rule of thumb, if your items are in like new condition, and maybe even still have the tags, you can sell them for 60 to 70% of the original retail price. If your items are relatively new, in demand, and in good condition, aim for 50% off the original price. If your items look worn, have flaws, or are not in high demand, set a price around 20-30% of the original price.

How to clean used toys before selling them

If you want to be successful in selling used children’s toys and clothing, you need to make sure your items are clean. Nobody wants to buy a stained shirt or a gray teddy bear that’s supposed to be pink. So here is how to clean used toys before selling:

Plastic toys

When it comes to cleaning hard plastic toys, a simple Lysol cloth can usually do the trick. If you want a more herbal cleaning product, consider seventh generation disinfectant wipes. After cleaning the toys, rinse them with water to remove any detergent residue.

Plush toys

If your plush toys are machine washable, a quick load of laundry should be enough. For extra protection, you can put the plush toys in a pillowcase and knot the cover at the top before throwing it in the washing machine. If the toy is not machine washable, clean one area with soap and water.

Electronic toys

You need to be a little more careful with electronic toys – you definitely don’t want to submerge them in water. You can remove visible dirt with a damp cloth and then finish with a disinfecting cloth. Toothpicks and cotton swabs are great for cleaning up cracks.

Rubber toys

It is important that rubber toys, such as bath toys, do not contain mold. To prepare yours Rubber toys Before selling, you can use diluted bleach (1:10 ratio of bleach to water). Also, make sure that the toy does not contain water. If you don’t want to work with bleach, you may be able to clean some rubber toys by throwing them into a pot of boiling water. Remove the toys with tongs and let them dry completely.

Is it time to sell used children’s toys?

If you want to clean up and make money, selling your beloved toy can help achieve both of these goals. There are tons of options online and local – it all depends on how much of the profit you want to keep. However you decide to free up your toy box, your wallet and the environment will thank you for breathing new life into these old toys.

– From Jessica Martel

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