Ditto’s Opulous platform companions with Binance for unique NFTs from Lil Yachty, Kyle and different artists


Music NFT and DeFi platform Opulous plans to create and publish NFT collectibles on Binance NFT, a new non-fungible token marketplace of the blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider Binance.

Founded earlier this year by Ditto Music founder Lee Parsons, Opulous is a blockchain-powered artist financial support initiative described as the first decentralized funding offering (DeFi) backed by music as an asset class.

The Opulous platform also facilitates the rollout of Opulous Music NFTs, which the company claims is “a new form of NFT,” which rewards buyers and share a song’s future revenue in exchange for social media support as well as peer-to – Peer DeFi loans.

The NFTs sales also include the ability for buyers to participate in fan experiences and engagements.

Opulous plans to launch a series of exclusive music NFT drops on Binance featuring “great artists” led by Lil Yachty and Kyle, with more to be announced shortly. Binance NFT starts on June 24th.

MBW understands that Opulous is preparing to announce a series of new exclusive music copyright NFT sales with a major industry partner.

This follows Opulous’s pioneering experiment with NFT copyright sales on the blockchain earlier this year when it – then known as Bluebox – sold 1% of Big Zuu and Taylor Bennett’s recordings to over 120 people via cryptocurrency transactions.

“We are excited to be working with Binance NFT to release these exclusive NFT drops with some of the most exciting artists from around the world.”

Lee Parsons, Opulous

Opulous CEO Lee Parsons said, “We are excited to partner with Binance NFT to bring these exclusive NFT drops to market with some of the most exciting artists from around the world.

“I’ve been passionate about the applications of crypto and blockchain technology in the music industry for many years and believe that the introduction of NFT drops like this one will help to strengthen the connection between artists and their fans in the future. “Music business worldwide

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