Coldplay’s UK label bosses talk about new venture, upcoming album


The joint bosses of the British Coldplay label Parlophone talked about working with the band on their upcoming new single Higher Power and their ninth album – and about their collective ambitions to balance global commercial success with cultural relevance.

Higher Power, produced by Max Martin, will be released next Friday (May 7th). An album (rumored title: Music of the Spheres) will follow in the second half of the year (“before Christmas business,” says Parlophone), with at least one other new title in between. A world tour is expected to be announced at the time of the album launch.

Coldplay goes through Atlantic in the US but is signed to Parlophone in the UK, a relationship that goes back over 20 years. All of the band’s eight previous albums went to # 1 in the UK and 10th in the US (aside from their debut Parachutes in 2000, which was number 1 in the UK).

Mark Mitchell, co-president of Parlophone, told MBW about the new project: “It’s a bit different from previous Coldplay campaigns because there used to be a single or two singles and then an album pretty quickly.

“For this album, the focus will be on the single for some time on purpose, and then there will be an album later in the year. We want the focus to be on higher power for a few months. “

Mitchell added, “This album is a reaction to the last one [Everyday Life, 2019], a fairly personal project that was not run commercially. This is very much due to the fact that Coldplay is a huge, stadium-filling band.

“I think part of the reason they’re probably still the biggest band in the world going into their ninth album is because they’re very aware that they don’t want it [live in] her bladder.

“When it comes to getting into a campaign, we always have three or four months to talk about what’s going on now and how we can best approach that record in today’s marketplace. They are very interested in what other people are doing. “

“They don’t take anything for granted, they start over with each record.”

Nick Burgess, PARLOPHONE

Parlophone joint boss Nick Burgess added that despite having sold over 100 million records and having toured record breaking records, Coldplay still values ​​its relationship with the British label and welcomes contributions: “They’ve always been very cooperative and in some ways aren’t A million miles from other, newer acts on the label; You’d be surprised just at this openness to song discussion and collaboration.

“They don’t take anything for granted, they start over with each record and their ambitions. Their goal is to make music that is just as important as the first music they ever made.

“Chris [Martin] has this incredible ambition to make music that still resonates with everyone. As Mitch says, the last album was a very personal record, but this is an album they made to be heard in all four corners of the world.

“Their commitment and their attention to detail and their philosophy around success and what it means for them are great to see. It is actually very rare in this industry. I don’t think I’ve worked with a group of people who are so dedicated to what they do. “

“With this album, the focus will be on the single for some time on purpose, and then there will be an album later in the year.”

Mark Mitchell, parlophone

Mitchell and Burgess spoke earlier this week in an exclusive interview with MBW about running Parlophones – and their ambitions for the label’s modern squad.

Coldplay confirmed the release of Higher Power on May 7th, posting on social media, “Higher Power is a song that appeared on a small keyboard and sink in early 2020. It was produced by Max Martin who is a true wonder of the universe. It’s Friday, May 7th. Love c, g, w & j. “Music business worldwide

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